Call for the Impeachment of Bush and Cheney

george-bush.gifCheney and Bush must be impeached.

It is amazing that, beside the expected from the Repub’s, so many Dem’s are standing around with socks in their mouths. The current administration has been caught SO many times with their hand in the cookie jar, and still they proceed. The Bush Doctrine, policy of preemptive strike, was actually written by Libby, Cheney, and Rumsfeld many years ago and long before Bush. From personal observation in working as a psychologist in the schools, No Child Left Behind has left many children behind and schools without funds to appropriately educate children. What individual do you know that would pursue a college degree to work as a classroom aide for $10 per hour. The whole thing created more paperwork and more numbers to put on paper. Are our children better educated? Certainly not, and with their parents in peril of loosing their homes to foreclosure, children have little availability to focus on education. America has become so unconscious. Here are just a few items that should be considered:

  • Rigged 2000 election that was not fully investigated
  • Absolute failure to follow our national constitution, let alone read it
  • Smoke screen tactics to justify an unjust war
  • Lack of follow through in the country that should have received our full and ongoing attention Afghanistan because of our leaders’ connection to bin Laden
  • Betrayal of a CIA agent that works for our national interest because they don’t like the truth that agent brings
  • Pardon of those responsible for the above betrayal to shield Cheney
  • Countless videos of our president caught in lies in deceit
  • Destroyed tapes… does that sound familiar
  • Incompetence as evidenced by: failure to fully address Katrina disaster immediately or even to date, failure to stop the nation’s lenders and creditors from raping American citizens ( Bush calls it free market, in reality it’s lobby money in his retirement fund), moving too little too late regarding the same, record government spending (I don’t ever want to hear a Repub speak about Dem spending ever again), total lack of focus on global warming and attempts to suffocate scientific reports regarding the same, it goes on and on.

Every time Bush mentions “in our prayers” with his anterior lisp, I want to puke. That statement is insulting to truly spiritual people. Since Bush and Cheney are so passionate about Iraq, they should send their offspring there. Why do they only feel strongly about donating other parents offspring? Ignorant cowboy is never the image we want to display of the United States to the world community.

The Democrats control the House and the Senate. Just what are they doing?

I strongly urge everyone to write their state representatives to call for the impeachment of Cheney and Bush for crimes committed against the constitution and the American people. Another year of these criminals is just unthinkable.

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