Who Are We Voting For….The Candidate or their Endorsers? Sean Penn, Oprah, Chuck Norris, and The Company They Keep.

sean-penn.jpg In response to the recent endorsement of Dennis Kucinich by Sean Penn…… There was a time, during the 60’s and 70’s that we needed to address the government. Folks got to the point where they took to the streets to stand up against a crooked president and a senseless war. We were respected for that. Now today, me make cutesy remarks about candidate endorsements. Politicians capitalize on America’s inability to stay focused on important issues. They use so many tactics to create a smoke screen that further hypnotizes the public.

Why politicians use public figures as endorsements? Well because then America focuses on the endorsers! This can easily be viewed by posts displayed on the internet. Everyone is reaming Sean Penn and Kucinich. Look at Obama, his campaign is now completely overshadowed by Oprah. Why does Kucinich use Sean Penn? Can a candidate survive anything these days without an endorser? We make it so by the attention we give it.

It’s like high school. Folks have a natural tendency to want association with popularity and to make a snap judgment. It’s easy. These are basics in the advertising industry. If you play into this, allowing this to side track your focus and taint your thinking, then you are to blame, not the candidates or their endorsers. Why is there discussion of Sean Penn? Is he running for president. By the looks of many posts, he might as well be. Today he is getting more attention than the candidate he endorses.

Now I don’t know much about Sean Penn, other than he is an actor and I’ve seen him in some movies, but in reading his speech he does have something important to say. I will commend him for that. The fact is that the winning candidate will be the person we vote for. If we allow swayed pollsters, celebrity spokespersons, the candidate with the most dollars, and slanted news to sway our vote, it is our fault. To choose wisely would require wetake our Ritalin, put down the game controller, read and listen to some pretty boring stuff to sift to the important facts of who these people are. World of Warcraft won’t help this nation. We all have to commit to speak out wisely, not get distracted, stand in the street if necessary, and get out to vote with our eyes wide open. We can use forums to share intelligent information and links to supportive fact. We can work positively together. What candidate has the highest moral standing, integrity, consistent voting record, and in hindsight, had the best judgment on the important issues facing our nation today?

Lions for Lambs was an important movie. It did not do well as it wasn’t funny, didn’t have enough action to satisfy the critics. It was more like My Dinner with Andre. Dialog. If you were prescribed Ritalin, lack the capacity for independent thinking, or only go the movies to see Bourne, you may have had a hard time with it. But the message was strong and I hope all baby boomers feel a knot of guilt in their shorts. Where we once spoke loudly and attempted to stand for something, we now encourage our spoiled children with electronics, video games, and new cars unearned.

I am deeply concerned for our nation. I do believe “Rome is Burning”. We have moved from a democracy to a dictatorship, our dollar is internationally useless, most nations hate us, our military has been castrated in the new age of war, we produce little that the world wants to buy, and many Americans will be loosing their homes due to foreclosure over the next two years. This is just to name a few. Still we focus on “celebrity” and move in masses to vote on American Idol. Wake up! We are fighting for our children’s future, our standard of living, retirement, safety, and the future of our nation and the planet.

Focus on what is important, read, write, and vote wisely.

Sean Penn’s speech in full text

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