Just Think How Far Bush’s Proposed $611 Billion For The Iraq War Would Go At Home…

ehtanol-pump.jpg If instead of spending $611 billion dollars for the Iraq War, as Bush proposes, we used that same money at home we could do wonders.

$611 billion would be enough to convert ALL US cars to ethanol 9 times over. Just imagine we could get the job done and have left over to buy every citizen a few tanks of ethanol. Plus, we would never have to rely on the middle east again. There would be no reason to even be in Iraq!

Don’t like Ethanol? With that amount of money, we could surely use another form of energy for our cars. With that amount of money, we could have the technology and do the job.

Here are more possibilities posted by Boston.com:

  • More than a year’s worth of Medicare benefits for everyone. $611 billion in war costs is 17 times the amount vetoed by the president for a $35 billion health benefit program for poor children.
  • $54 billion a year would eliminate starvation and malnutrition globally by 2015 (World Bank Estimates)
  • 7 years of feeding and educating the poor of the world.

It may almost be the net worth of Bush and Cheney when they leave office after 8 years.

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