“Not Electable” Part II Boycott Katie Couric and CBS News

katie-couric.jpg We should boycott any news channel that clearly offers slanted information. As background to this article, CBS Katie and Co (Katie Couric) interviewed 5 Democrats and 5 Republicans candidates with respect to their “Character” as part of the Primary Questions series. Her expressed reason for only interviewing the candidates chosen is quoted here:

“That’s an excellent question. And I’m sure it’s been raised by supporters of Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Chris Dodd, and others.

Despite the support these people have, we were looking at electability and the candidates—in our judgment—who have a real chance of actually becoming president. I think these other candidates have interesting positions and I know their supporters are passionate. I would like to continue to cover them. And of course, we will cover them even more if their campaigns do better. ”

Well Katie, in case it didn’t dawn on you, the candidates passed over for the interview will likely have little chance of “doing better” if they can’t fairly get the same coverage in the media. Are you intending to sway American vote this way? If the purpose of your show is to show the candidates, then why not cover the candidates? You say you didn’t have time to cover all of them, then why do the show at all?

Shame on you and CBS

Personally, I don’t think Katie Couric is “Watchable”.

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