The Des Moines Register – PBS Privately Decide Who the 2008 Presidential Candidates Can Be In Iowa

dunce1.jpg As you may already know, The Des Moines Register and Iowa Public TV (part of PBS) took it upon themselves to exclude several Republican and Democratic presidential candidates based on hair-spitting technicalities. Is this a private decision to censor a public election? What country are we in? I think I just became disoriented.

What could they be thinking? How arrogant and dishonest. I found this as a strong breech of trust of the American people. I am quite disappointed with PBS, an organization that I have previously sent financial donations. What was I previously thinking?

The Des Moines Register indicated that it’s reasoning for NOT including Kucinich and Gravel was because of their lack of office in Iowa. It should be noted that Alan Keyes, Republican presidential candidate, has neither an office or contact in Iowa, however he was included in the Iowa Presidential Debate.

If you feel the need to CALL the Des Moines Register, you can choose one of the following numbers:

Toll Free: 1-800-247-5346

Editorial Board: Carol Hunter – 515-284-8502 Laura Hollingsworth – 515-284-8041

Des Moines Register and PBS….welcome to the Wall of Shame.

For Kucinich:

For Gravel:

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