Celebrate the Anniversary of The Bill of Rights With Dennis Kucinich

Urging the support of citizens in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Oxnard, Ventura, California.

Today is the moment to act! Take back your country on the Anniversary of The Bill of Rights. Don’t allow corporate interests and the media to strangle our nation unconscious. Go to and show your support for the only candidate with no corporate ties that has the courage to do what is right for our country.

Dennis Kucinich has the courage to speak out for all Americans, consider your support at this crucial time while also honoring the Anniversary of the Bill of Rights.

And let us not forget what Kucinich’s leadership has been:

The only Democratic Candidate to oppose the War and the subsequent Occupation

The only Democratic Candidate to show the judgment and Constitutional integrity to vote against the Patriot Act

One of only six House members to vote against the Homegrown Terrorism Act, which begins…”AN ACT – To prevent homegrown terrorism, and for other purposes.”

The only Democratic Candidate who is taking the threats to our Democracy seriously and actually holding this Administration accountable through Impeachment

The only Presidential Candidate offering a truly universal, not-for-profit health care system

The only Democratic Candidate who will cancel U.S. involvement in job killing, deficit building, human exploiting, environmental raping trade agreements, NAFTA/WTO

Really it goes on. We have seen this leadership. Kucinich has been the heart and soul of this party; the only Democrat willing to stand up for the party’s principles, rather than play party politics; the only one willing to put the Constitution and all Americans ahead of politics.

We need to support Dennis because he is speaking for us. And we need to support him now before it is too late. Please follow this link and make your contribution, December 15th! Support Dennis Kucinich!

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