The Des Moines Register Endorses Clinton….Was That A Surprise?

sold.jpg   Well…gosh.  We could have forgotten the debates and gone holiday shopping if the Des Moines Register had just published this in the first place!

With the Des Moines Register’s parent company, Gannett Company Inc, having Donna Shalala on their Board of Directors, what other Democratic Candidate could they have endorsed beside Hillary Clinton.

FYI, under the Clinton presidency, Donna Shalala was the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services for 8 years. Also under the Clinton administration, she was the first female Designated Survivor during Clinton’s State of the Union address. Clearly, with Hillary Clinton in power, Shalala would be in line for another top US Administration position. Does that mean she would be the best person for the job, or just the repaid favor?

Now, of course the Des Moines Register has the right to endorse whatever candidate they choose. But are they choosing for their own vote or to influence the voting of Iowans? If DMR is repaying a favor, then disclose it, and move on. But to call the “nice” debate a debate of the 2008 Presidential Candidates, when 2008 Presidential Candidates were excluded is just a joke.

Hillary Clinton appears to have difficulty with responding to questions/fluid discussion when not previously prepared. She flinches, giggles, or just siliently smiles like a statue. Could this more be the reason that Dennis Kucinich was not invited to the debate? Would the presence of Dennis Kucinich be more threatening because the risk of honest discussion?

Examining Carolyn Washburn’s response to the avalanche of respondents to her exclusion of Kucinich, she did say she wanted a “nice debate”, that Iowans don’t like “spice” in their debate.

For myself, I refuse to believe Iowans are that stupid! Hey Iowa, you know what you have to do. Stop the media from attempting to hypnotize you with “nice” and look closely at what is happening here. It is also important to take a close look at what the excluded candidates have to say, both Kucinich and Gravel. Your country depends on each and everyone of you.

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