Censorship of Call For Impeachment of Cheney By Leading American News Medias

speak-no-evil.jpg It’s beyond belief. Mainstream Media is completely censoring the HUGE movement to Impeach Dick Cheney. After Nancy Pelosi’s rejection of Kucinich’s call for impeachment hearings which ended in November, Rep. Robert Wexler (Fl) has taken up the baton. Representatives from other states are joining, and Mainstream Media won’t let you know about it.

Wouldn’t this be big news? Mainstream Media doesn’t want you to know. Among the top news services participating in the black out are the New York Times, Washington Post, Miami Herald, and may more.

Yesterday, I checked online with the Los Angeles Times, my local paper. I found nothing in searching their archives.

No wonder we are in Iraq, and remain there needlessly. The media supports this censorship in America. Who are they serving? Why pay for a newspaper? You can just call George Bush’s White House and ask them what you should be thinking.

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