Rudy Giuliani – American Terrorist

This is the last person that should be president! Merriam-Webster defines

Terror as: a state of intense fear”

Terrorism as: “the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion”

In Guiliani’s statement that Democrats in power would put us on the “Defensive”, he suggests that we would have more violence in the United States if we voted for Democrats. Isn’t this terrorism by the means of coercion? It would seem to me that the terrorist here is Rudy Guiliani. He appears to behave like a thug

This guy’s inflammatory speaking is scary. Isn’t it true that we’ve only been attacked with him as Mayor of New York, and Dick Cheney/George Bush in the White House?

FYI, of all presidential candidates, Mr. Giuliani’s campaign has seen the greatest donations from the oil and gas industry, nearly twice that donated by the oil and gas industry to the next highest recipient, Mitt Romney.

And this video shows how he handles those with opposing opinions, he turns and personally attacks with name calling and insults.

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