Elton Gallegly – Why Are You Silent Now?

This weekend I decided to turn my attention locally. Just what are the local representatives saying about the Cheney/Bush administration and how are they voting?

Our local representative is Elton Gallegly, California District 24, and a Republican. In many hours of searching on the internet, it is difficult to find any stance of substance that he has presented in Washington. He appears as a good ‘ole boy Republican.

In terms of his response to the Cheney/Bush administration, he appears as a yes man. How disappointing. With even Republican approval of this administration down significantly, and many Republican candidates trying to distance themselves from the White House. Gallegly goes along with Cheney/Bush in step.

An interesting tidbit of information that is significant in beginning investigation of Mr. Gallegly must start with his ridiculous support of impeachment hearing against previous President Bill Clinton during his administration.

Elton Gallegly was one of the 37 members of the House Judiciary Committee who decided President Bill Clinton’s actions were impeachable with respect to the Lewinsky matter.

Just what is Mr. Gallegly doing now while the Cheney/Bush administration shreds the Constitution, washes away our rights as American citizens, continually lies about the Iraq war, personally profits from the war machine, and pardons officials that cover for their lying?

He supports them!

Certainly the excesses of the current administration warrants the attention of our elected officials more critically than involving the nation in the personal affairs of a family. Does it not Mr. Gallegly?

Elton Gallegly has consistently voted for the Iraq War, to fund it, and has not demanded an exit date.
Elton Gallegly is a high school graduate, attended Los Angeles State College for one year, and has worked as a real estate broker. He was mayor of Simi Valley for 6 years before being elected as a representative in 1987 as a Republican. He has served as a representative since that time.

In October 2006, the Sunlight Foundation, a Washington-based non-profit organization which advocates better transparency in government, reported that Gallegly’s campaign committee paid his wife $41,792 to serve as the campaign manager during 2005-2006.Project Vote-Smart.org has repeatedly asked Mr. Gallegly to complete the National Political Awareness Test, he has refused to respond per the Vote Smart website. The National Political Awareness Test is important as it helps voters understand where candidates and elected officials stand with respect to about 20 issues of interest to American voters.

Interestingly, Mr. Gallegly has consistently voted for Right To Life issues, however he fails to support Children’s Health Care, children born to immigrants, or educational issues that would support real education for children (No Child Left Behind has been under funded and focuses on testing rather than education), he has voted against teachers consistently. If anyone has data with respect to who cleans his house or cuts his lawn, or even if he eats strawberrys grown in Ventura County, please send that along.

A review of Mr. Gallegly’s voting record can be found here. If this representative can not represent American citizens’ rights and will only cover for an administration that has lead us into a quagmire of war (to quote Dick Cheney) and spending for no other reason than profit, it looks like it is time for Mr. Gallegly to retire.

In a response letter from Mr. Gallegly’s office, he states that there was a resolution by Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich to Impeach Dick Cheney, it has been sent to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Gallegly stated that he is a “senior member”. Well as “senior member”, what has he done. Has Mr. Gallegly read the constitution or does he just blindly approve anything the White House spews out?

In the 24th District, we need responsible representatives. Please sign the petition to Impeach Dick Cheney. Send a strong message to the Judiciary Committee that the American People insist on living by the United State Constitution and will hold elected representatives accountable.

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