Support Chris Dodd in Blocking The FISA Bill

Chris Dodd is speaking out in opposition to the Retroactive Immunity legislation, protecting the telecom industry for wiretapping, that would have passed without his voice. Although this is a great victory for the American people, it will resurface again for vote in the next month. He was joined by Senator’s Feingold, Kennedy, Boxer, Wyden, Brown and Bill Nelson in standing up to the President.

Visit his website and show your support for his efforts.

Take Action. Call your senators!

FYI: What 2008 Presidential Candidate benefits the most from Telephone Utilities donations:

John McCain (R)

graph $176,800

Hillary Clinton (D)

graph $106,300

Barack Obama (D)

graph $84,936

Rudolph W. Giuliani (R)

graph $38,150

Mitt Romney (R)

graph $25,200

Fred Thompson (R)

graph $21,950

John Edwards (D)

graph $18,761

Bill Richardson (D)

graph $14,450

Sam Brownback (R)

graph $11,200

Ron Paul (R)

graph $10,452

Christopher J. Dodd (D)

graph $10,450

Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D)

graph $1,000

Mike Huckabee (R)

graph $1,000

Mike Gravel (D)

graph $500

Campaign contribution data obtained from

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