Ventura County Elections – Gallegly

Our elected Representative, Elton Gallegly, sits on the House Judiciary Committee. That is also where the H Res 333/799, the resolution to initiate impeachment hearings for Vice President Dick Cheney sits.

As his office stated in a form letter in response to my request to know the current status of H Res 333/799, Mr. Gallegly is a senior member of that committee.

The form letter indicated that “I (Mr. Gallegly) will keep your comments in mind if I have the opportunity to vote on this matter”. Although Representative Wexler (Fl), who also sits on the Judiciary Committee, is gathering signatures to push for impeachment hearing for Cheney, Mr. Gallegly’s letter suggests he is unaware of this fact. I find that hard to believe. All of the nation’s mainstream media sources are “blacking out” the current push for hearings. It is imperative we show them that we feel strongly about liberty and accountability in this nation.

For those interested in upholding the Constitution and holding our elected officials accountable, there are two important things to do here:

– Sign Wexler’s petition As of today, there are nearly 140,000 signatures. Rep. Wexler is hoping to present 1/4 million signatures when he presents this petition to the Judiciary Committee in January.

– In Ventura County, California? Write to Elton Gallegly to urge him to vote in support of impeachment hearings as Ventura County wants accountability in government. You can address your concerns to Mr. Gallegly here:

Email Gallegly

Below are the addresses, phone, and fax numbers for Mr. Gallegly’s offices.

Washington, DC

Office of Congressman Elton Gallegly, 2309 Rayburn HOB, Washington, DC 20515-0523

Phone: (202) 225-5811; FAX: (202) 225-1100

Thousand Oaks

2829 Townsgate Road, Suite 315, Thousand Oaks, CA 91361-3018

Phone: (805) 497-2224; Toll Free: (800) 423-0023; FAX: (805) 497-0039


485 Alisal Road, Suite G-1A, Solvang, CA 93463

Phone: (805) 686-2525; FAX: (805) 686-2566

“I have great respect for President Bush, Secretary Powell and Secretary Ridge.
Elton Gallegly

“We are a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation of laws.
Elton Gallegly (fine…but we also need respect for the laws of our nation and the Constitution that guides it)

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