Benazir Bhutto

Sky News Reports on the assassination. Al Qaeda is said to have claimed responsibility, but then who knows.

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  1. We have lost the tremendous opportunity for peace and some semblance of democracy in a war torn region and a corrupt government in Pakistan with the passing of this great lady Benazir Bhutto.
    I hope her son keeps up the fight for democracy and they get rid of the corrupt current government that George Bush has been propping up. But then again Bush’ was never really interested in going after terrorists like Ben Laden, he was after the oil all this time.

  2. I can’t agree with you more. I just hope that enough folks sign Wexler’s petition to hold this administration accountable.
    I am scared for her son. He is so young and there appears to be so little cooperation from the government to keep folks safe.

  3. While her death is a great loss, her previous tenure in Pakistan certainly was not free of corruption. Bhutto and her husband were well known to hold out for their cut and share of deals made. There is not so much different from Bhutto’s administration and that of Musharaff. I’m not saying her death shouldn’t be mourned, but she was far from the saint that liberals are painting her out to be for what is only their political agenda.

  4. Alf:
    Thanks for stopping by. I may be a little confused about your comment. Are you suggesting that Bhutto would have been considered the Liberal/Democracy, and Musharraf would have been considered the Conservative/Military state? Is Pakistan better off now without elections? I’m curious and wonder what country you are writing from?

    Please expand on your comments so we can better understand your experience and view point.

    Thanks again

  5. Bhutto driven from office twice because of corruption. am say not so much difference of her and Musharaff is all. my english maybe not good to express words. Pakistan not better off without election, but will be held even late. Her death sad but her in power saw much corruption and hunger.

  6. Alf:
    Where are you from? Have you lived in Pakistan? I was wondering about the concept of keeping the more “democratic” party in the same family – Bhutto. In the US, this has not been viewed well, it appears we have had too many Bushs and now there is another Clinton running for president. From what I can see, there doesn’t appear to be much difference between Ms. Clinton and Mr. Bush Jr. This last Bush has probably been the worst president in the history of the US. The dishonesty and power grabbing, it’s just amazing that it has been tolerated to date.

    As far as Bhutto, some sources say her and her husband were corrupt, some sources that I’ve seen say these types of statements were made in an effort to get the Bhutto family out of power to fill someone else’s agenda.

    In my opinion, I think the potential of violence of a military state would make such an existence most undesirable Did Pakistan have much violence under the Bhuttos? Sadly, I think “democratic” states can be quite corrupt. Although I’m not sure the US would be considered a democracy anymore as Bush seems to ignore Congress, appoints only those that support him without holding him accountable for his behavior, and he certainly ignores the wishes of the American people.

    Does the Pakistan military state have less corruption, hunger, and violence?

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