Fox and ABC Censor Kucinich, Paul, Gravel, and Others From Upcoming Debate

FOX and ABC Exclude Kucinich, Paul, Gravel, and others!

From IndependentPrimary.Org:

Once again, the corporate media is trying to tell you which candidates you’re allowed to vote for.

ABC and Fox News are sponsoring debates just before the New Hampshire presidential primary.

Both ABC and FOX are ruthlessly using their control of these debates to limit the choice of American voters — before the first vote is cast!

Here’s what they’ve done:

ABC NEWS HAS EXCLUDED KUCINICH, GRAVEL, AND OTHERS: In an arbitrary decision that shakes our democracy to its very core, ABC News has set debate criteria that exclude Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden and Duncan Hunter from their Saturday debates. New Hampshire has a recent history of open debates. As a result of these exclusions the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper has decided not to co-sponsor the debate.

FOX NEWS HAS EXCLUDED RON PAUL: Fox News has done ABC one step worse by calling it’s Sunday debate a “candidate forum” to avoid setting any criteria at all. They’re using this technicality to exclude Ron Paul – even though the co-sponsoring

New Hampshire Republican Party issued a statement saying they want all the candidates included.

FOX and ABC are using arbitrary criteria to exclude the diverse and anti-war voices in the Democratic and Republican primaries and limit the participation of independent voters. is the independent watchdog on the electoral process –

Click here to join us in flooding ABC and Fox News with emails and phone calls demanding that all the candidates be included in the televised debates>


If you invest money in News Corp, you may want to consider if this type of behavior desires your investment money. Corporations, especially the media, that do not support free speech, social issues, or fair exposure to all campaign candidates may not deserve your trust or support. Consider responsible use of your hard earned money. Are these folks deciding for you?

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