Dennis Kucinich Wins Washington State Democratic Straw Poll

Straw Poll Results
The Washington State Democrats conducted a straw-poll from November 29th through December 14th.

Congratulations to Kucinich supporters on their great organizing efforts.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich —— 1083
Sen. John Edwards ——– 1042
Sen. Barack Obama ——– 960
Sen. Hillary Clinton ——– 761
Undecided —————– 368
Gov. Bill Richardson ——- 319
Sen. Joe Biden ————- 171
Sen. Chris Dodd ———— 36
Sen. Mike Gravel ———– 16

Bet the mainstream news won’t report this….yet Congressman Kucinich is barred from participation in key debates just prior to the primaries. Seems like we have some folks that are dunce1.jpg ‘s. Check your local media, are they reporting the news, or only what they want you to hear. If big things are missing, like what Kucinich is up, or impeachment information, you may want to let them know how you feel about that! I have canceled subscriptions to news sources that have proven to be biased and censoring.

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