NH Republican Party Ends Sponsorship of Fox Debate Due To Their Censorship of Candidates

This morning James Pindell of the Boston.com reported that the Republican Party has stepped forward in support of Ron Paul with respect to him being banned from the Fox Presidential Debate. The New Hampshire Republican party ended their co-sponsorship of the Fox Debate due to Fox’s attempt to block Ron Paul from participating. This is excellent news for the Ron Paul campaign and free speech in this nation – a very small but important step.

The question that comes to mind is: What is the Democratic Party doing to ensure access for all the Democratic Presidential candidates in the televised debates? Is their support of censorship the CHANGE they are all hawking about? Dennis Kucinich is the only democratic candidate, that is still running, that has been left out of the ABC Presidential debate.

Doesn’t sound like CHANGE or a very democratic party, does it?

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