ABC, Facebook in conflict with their own data in excluding Kucinich

For the Full Article, Click Here, Facebook in conflict with their own data in excluding Kucinich from debate

MANCHESTER, NH – As complaints keep pouring in to ABC News regarding the network’s decision to exclude Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich from tonight’s Democratic Presidential debate, the most recent data from ABC and co-sponsor Facebook show Kucinich ahead of New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who was invited to participate.

Kucinich, according to Facebook’s own figures, ranks fourth in popularity among Facebook members. In the latest ABC News Poll, Kucinich ranked ahead of Richardson. And, Kucinich has won more than a dozen major on-line polls and post-debate surveys, including one conducted by ABC News. Kucinich himself will be meeting with supporters at 6:30 p.m. today outside the Dana Center at St. Anselm College where tonight’s debates will be staged. “Based on arbitrary criteria, ABC is excluding the one Democratic Presidential candidate whose record and whose positions on the major issues of the day – the war in Iraq, health care reform, trade policies, environmental initiatives – clearly set him apart from the rest of the field,” the Kucinich campaign said in a statement today. “Beyond that, ABC and Facebook are ignoring their own data, which show Kucinich ahead of Gov. Richardson. Those two sets of facts should call into question whether there are undisclosed reasons why the Congressman has been excluded.”

ABC News | Facebook Election Pulse (Presidential Supporters)

Facebook Supporters* ABC News Poll**
Barack Obama 60.41% 27%
Hillary Clinton 18.48% 44%
John Edwards 9.46% 11%
Dennis Kucinich 6.67% 3%
Bill Richardson 2.56% 2%
Mike Gravel 2.42% NA

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