Are Insurance Companies Deciding Our Next President?

Dennis Kucinich Interview on PBS

Starting after 1:50 into the video you will hear Dennis talk about AARP, a 527 group, staging a debate and made the candidates testify that they would not support HR676, John Conyers single payer non-profit health care bill.

So now Obama, Hillary and Edwards are tied to a mandated health care plan that will punish you if you do not pay the corporate systems.

527 Groups information

527’s are well-oiled backdoor to political financing.
They should be banned from giving any contribution to the candidates. They are banned in other countries why not ours?

Mandated Health care does not work.

Those making more than three times the poverty income (about $30,000 for a single person) would have to buy their own coverage or pay a fine.

The legislation promises that the uninsured will be offered comprehensive, affordable private health plans. But that’s like promising chocolate chip cookies with no fat,
sugar or calories.

The only way to get cheaper plans is to strip down the coverage, boost copayments, deductibles, uncovered services etc.

Study after study – by the Congressional Budget Office, the General Accounting Office and even the Massachusetts Medical Society – have confirmed that single payer is the only route to affordable universal coverage.

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