Dennis Kucinich update January 6, 2008

From Dennis Kucinich’s website January 6, 2008:

For the record:

  1. New Hampshire is the first state where we are aggressively campaigning. Due to the Party lockout in Iowa, we chose to focus on New Hampshire.
  2. I am the only person running for President who voted against the war, against funding the war 100% of the time, against the Patriot Act, and who stands for a universal single-payer not-for-profit healthcare system. Nevertheless I was excluded from Saturday night’s ABC Presidential debate, or four tone monologue as it was.
  3. In answer to your questions about why I didn’t support former Senator John Edwards on the second ballot in Iowa: I have serious concerns about his connections to a Wall Street hedge fund, Fortress Investment Group. While attacking others for accepting campaign money from Washington lobbyists, he is up to his ears in money from Wall Street special interests.

He made half a million dollars in a single year for attending a few meetings for Fortress and has invested a substantial part of his own personal wealth in the hedge fund whose portfolios are responsible for sub-prime predatory lending practices, Medicare privatization, and an entire range of corporate sharp dealings that are driving the middle class into poverty.

While I indicated Senator Obama as a preferred second choice in Iowa, Progressives have fundamental disagreements with him and all of the other Presidential candidates on most of their major positions on the issues.

We must have the courage of our convictions to fully support and vote for what it is we really want. For once, we must realize our power, stop playing tactical games, and vote as a bloc – which, as you know, is what the religious right does and why they often win.

We Progressives are in the majority in this election. We will win only when we refuse to compromise and vote with integrity.

Dennis Kucinich

2 Responses

  1. I have talked to over 300 people in WA state about Dennis. Almost every one of them says, “I like Kucinich best, but he doesn’t have a chance, so I’m voting for….”

    We need to confront ourselves and other voters by remininding them that Kucinich can win if we all vote for him. Don’t give in because the press says he can’t win. WE are the voters. Support each other. We must stay strong in our convictions and voice them.

    Dennis Kucinich is a viable candidate for President. Let’s change that attitude and act on our convictions.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and posting your views Barbara. The more I pay attention to what is going on behind mainstream media, the more conviction I have in supporting Kucinich.

    Everyone I have spoken to feels the same as what you have heard, yet this statement is ridiculous. If we all vote for him, he’ll win!

    We need a president that won’t be bought off and yet it’s hard to get a president elected if they won’t take corporate bribe money.

    We have to just keep pushing with whatever tools we can use, the internet, phone, friends, co-workers, etc. Keep it going and urge folks to donate. Donations can get commercials running to spread the word even further.

    If there is anything that you would like to me add to this blog, please email me jurnei AT

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