Are Diebold Machines Messing Up The Voting AGAIN?

There numerous rumblings stirring up about the Diebold scanning machines again.  Ron Paul’s group complains that exit polls aren’t matching the voting results.

And then there’s this post on The Brad Blog with some interesting details considering the Clinton – Obama differences when compared to voting.  It starts with some false accusactions about “running out of paper ballots“, which probably wasn’t true.  But then goes to a connected article that shows while the Republican poll to vote matched, the Clinton – Obama difference was wildly different.  75% of New Hampshire continues to use the same Diebold op-scan machines that were previously found to be highly corruptable and overseen by ONE private company. 

How is it this country still uses these unreliable machines after 8 years of George Bush – Dick Cheney, an Iraq war, numerous scandles, and a major election that we all hope might cure the ills we have endured for so long?

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