With all the election rules and censorship, isn’t it impossible to understand these elections?

 Check this out…..democrats who are not on the ballot in Michigan!  This process is like one long infomercial.  And with the reliability of voting machines, this could just be a money making machine for the news media rather than a true process for electing a president.  There are so many ways a candidate can be censored, even yes, even with ballots.

From the Michigan Democrats website:

LANSING – Today the Michigan Democratic Party released a voter guide to help voters understand the January 15, 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary.

“We want every eligible Democratic voter in Michigan to vote in the January 15, 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary,” said MDP Chair Mark Brewer. “This guide gives voters the details of the Primary and all of their voting rights so that every Michigan Democrat can participate in helping choose the 2008 Democratic presidential candidate. The guide is available on our website and we encourage voters to circulate it.”

Read the guide on the Internet here>
Voter Guide On The January 15, 2008
Michigan Democratic Presidential Primary

1. Voters will vote at their regular polling places between 7 A.M. and 8 P.M.

2. Voters can vote by absentee ballot if they meet one of the requirements – out of town, age 60 or older, disability, etc.

3. The deadline to register to vote is 30 days before January 15, 2008 or December 17, 2007.

4. In order to vote at a polling place, a voter must show a photo ID or sign a statement that they do not have a photo ID with them. Absentee voters do not have to produce a photo ID.

5. Voters will be asked whether they want a Democratic or Republican ballot, and a record will be made of which ballot they take.

6. The voter’s choice of candidate will be secret as in all public elections.

7. The Democratic ballot will have 6 choices:
Hillary Clinton
Christopher Dodd
Mike Gravel
Dennis Kucinich

8. A vote for “uncommitted” is a vote to send delegates to the Democratic National Convention who are not committed or pledged to any candidate. Those delegates can vote for any candidate they choose at the Convention.

9. Supporters of Joe Biden, John Edwards, Barack Obama and Bill Richardson are urged to vote “uncommitted” instead of writing in their candidates’ names because write-in votes for those candidates will not be counted.


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