Karl Rove Speaking Again! Delete

Does Karl Rove actually think we care what he has to say! My gosh. Rove, under suspicion for numerous lies and creator of  fabrications to bring this nation to an unnecessary war, co-author of “pre-emptive strike”, outs a government agent working for our intelligence community (although he was never charged), is speaking out against a democratic candidate, Obama.

Rove is the last individual on the planet that should provide commentary on anyone. The Wall Street Journal didn’t even dare to offer a comment section, can you imagine the comments folks would want to leave. Just let him blow hot air and hope the government gets off their bottoms and charges him for his offenses against the American people and our brave military individuals that have lost their lives.

I’m sorry , I can’t even reference the article, it’s just beyond belief. Rove, the individual that was hired and allowed to speak by Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, among other mainstream media rags, is the reason I have cancelled so many subsciptions and wrote the corporate offices to tell them exactly why. I can’t believe this man did not have charges brought against him, but then in the Bush adminstration, dishonesty seems to be heralded as “patriotism”.

My only hope is that Cheney will face impeachment hearings, and Rove will go down the tube with him.

That’s all that can be said about his presence in government and media.

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