Where Do American Jobs Go?

Here is an excellent example of what is going on. In an op-ed article written by Barbara Peterson, we can see the future of China flooding the American textile market with their wares. What does this mean for the American textile market if it can’t compete with pricing? Well, it’s like WalMart moving into town. Lower prices for consumers, however consumers will have less jobs when their employer lets them go.

These trade agreements are allowing our corporations to seek “less expensive” labor in other countries effectively slashing their medical benefits packages to employees, and allows other countries to flood us with goods made by laborers working in appalling conditions. Our workers, in effect, have to compete with those laborers in other countries. This means lower wages, less benefits, acceptance of less than satisfactory working conditions just so their employers can maintain so they can retain their jobs. Not a pretty picture in the least.

What does your presidential candidate say about our trade agreements?

Here is Dennis Kucinich’s stance on this crucial issue.

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