Hillary Clinton Biggest Recipient of Donations From Lobbyists and The Wealthy

As smoke surrounds the Clinton campaign victory in New Hampshire, I am most disturbed about the voting count and the fact that Clinton is the biggest recipient of Lobbyist donations. Second to Hillary is McCain, who seems quite prepared to continue the drum beat of war. Could Clinton’s rhetoric be a bait and switch? Maybe. I just don’t trust her.

From OpenSecrets.org

Contributions from Selected Industries

Display: Select an Industry Casinos/Gambling Commercial Banks Computers/Internet Education Health Professionals Hedge Funds & Private Equity Insurance Lawyers/Law Firms Lobbyists Oil & Gas Pharmaceuticals/Health Products Real Estate Retired Securities & Investment Telephone Utilities Tobacco TV/Movies/Music


Hillary Clinton (D)

graph $567,950

John McCain (R)

graph $340,365

Christopher J. Dodd (D)

graph $233,875

Mitt Romney (R)

graph $229,475

Rudolph W. Giuliani (R)

graph $212,100

Bill Richardson (D)

graph $134,950

Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D)

graph $114,460

Fred Thompson (R)

graph $90,000

Barack Obama (D)

graph $76,859

Duncan Hunter (R)

graph $30,900

John Edwards (D)

graph $18,900

Sam Brownback (R)

graph $17,225

Mike Huckabee (R)

graph $6,964

Tom Tancredo (R)

graph $250

This interesting chart (please follow link to see full columns of upper end donations) shows that individuals able to donate smaller amounts to campaigns favored Obama, however when folks can give larger donations, those types of folks – probably the wealthier – gave to Hillary Clinton. What may be behind the fact that Clinton can bring in the wealthier?

Contribution Details – Hillary Clinton

$200-499 $500-999 $1000-2300 $2300+ $4600+
# Donors Total # Donors Total # Donors Total # Donors Total # Donors Total
Female 3692 $940,462 2425 $1,292,483 4330 $5,390,341 5419 $18,271,950 2173 $10,166,250
Male 2261 $587,017 2210 $1,174,578 4913 $6,207,365 7097 $24,731,626 3140 $14,838,838

Contribution Details – Barack Obama

$200-499 $500-999 $1000-2300 $2300+ $4600+
# Donors Total # Donors Total # Donors Total # Donors Total # Donors Total
Female 5466 $1,407,243 3754 $2,005,453 4470 $5,580,109 5097 $13,712,069 608 $3,057,609
Male 5568 $1,440,949 4092 $2,182,696 6204 $7,681,275 7049 $19,154,481 901 $4,608,013

Number of Contributions of $4600 and more: Clinton has brought big money donations in more than any other candidate. donordems_imgasp.png

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