MSNBC Presidential Debate Disclaimer – “For Entertainment Purposes Only”

That’s my take on this situation. The Nevada court ruled MSNBC can exclude any candidate they wish. So they excluded Dennis Kucinich. It’s their right. They have First Amendment rights, fine. But then there should be a banner across the bottom of the screen clearly indicating “For Entertainment Purpose Only. Please see …… for the actual candidates running for president”. This isn’t real news and shouldn’t be offered up as such. This is more “false advertising”. The term “news” suggests something more objective.

In fact, why have any candidates do debates at all? They should just choose actors/actresses for all the fun and really drum up the ratings.

Strong election reform is needed in this country. These recent weeks have further proved that.

After 8 years, we are still using the same election machinery that was previously found flawed and subject to tampering. Would we still keep calling the same plumber back after it was clear they couldn’t un-stuff the toilet? Would we keep doing it after 8 years?! This doesn’t even address issues of “running out of ballots”. Has the IRS ever run out of paper for threatening letters?

Candidates have to say “I approve this message”, how silly. What’s that all about? Yet the media doesn’t have the same duty to disclose what they are doing. I guess they have rights. But where are the rights of the American people? Where are we to go to see the candidates debate and consider what each has to say? Does the government provide for that?

Candidates must have gobs of money to get anywhere. Corporations with singular interests come to their “aid” and expect favors from their “willing” candidate. It appears corporations can get good representation in this process, but forget about the average citizen. As long as corporate power is behind is behind elections, there is no chance for democracy in America. We lost it long ago.

What kind of “democracy” are we trying to support in Iraq? Will that be something better than we have here in America?

Oh…..And “I approve this message”

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