Dennis Kucinich Responds to NBC Nevada Debate Exclusion

GE (NBC) was behind the debate exclusion. Kucnich explains

Is it possible this country is not ready for integrity. I would hate to think so. Is it possible this country will only respond to flash, Kucinich does not portray a “flashy” style. His strength is in his consistent voting record, sound ideas with written plans, integrity, and courage.

FYI, GE owns (from Wikipedia):

Media Too many to list, but includes NBC, local channels throughout the US, MSNBC, Bravo, Sundance, A&E, 80% of Vivendi (watch those video games). Wondering about truth in the media…

Commercial Finance

Consumer Finance Loans, Credit, Care Credit (offered by many physicians and veterinary groups), and more, including Wal Mart, GAP, Stein Mart, ExxonMobile credits, etc.

Healthcare Major competitors are Seimens, Philips, and Toshiba.

Industrial Which includes security systems.

Infrastructure Aerospace, water systems, Oil/Gas, Transportation, and more.

They partner with Provident Bank to provide credit cards.


Here is Dennis Kucinich in a CNN debate from some time ago, where he mentions Yucca Mountain, the site proposed as a nuclear waste repository:

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