Nancy Pelosi – Refusal to address Impeachment Hearings may impact her voter support

This doesn’t look good for Ms. Pelosi. After the initial thrill of Ms. Pelosi’s ascension to Speaker of the House, folks are not happy with her point of view regarding the Cheney impeachment matter. She has long held a seat in government mostly unopposed, but folks are beginning to not like her lack of action and unilateral decision making:

Fortunately Nancy Pelosi  is being challenged for her seat in 2008, by Shirley Golub and  Cindy Sheehan 

Get yourselves over to Golub’s  site and support the cause.  The Bay Area needs a good representative.
Reuters: “Pelosi drawing heat from fellow democratic lawmakers as well as people form across the nation.”

After Downing Street: “The Truth About the Wars Will Guarantee the Votes”


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  1. We need to start impeaching Pelosi…………………

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