WA Senators Oemig and Fraser Call for Impeachment – Senator Roach opposes

Washington state Senators Eric Oemig and Karen Fraser support Impeachment for Bush and Cheney. Senator Pam Roach opposes.

From Impeach for Peace:

Senator Eric Oemig sponsored a resolution (SJN 8016) calling for the impeachment of Bush/Cheney in the last legislative session. While a hearing was held, it proved impossible to bring to the floor for a vote because of a technicality. Oemig pointed out that the challenge of impeachment is that there are so many violations of law that is overwhelming. That list continued to grow over the past year as more information has come out over the last year about torture, the extent of the illegal spying and even lying about outing a CIA operative. What is worse is that the President and Vice President continue to run the same plays. For example, the President and Vice President ignore the NIE reports that state Iran has no nuclear weapons program and go around scaring the American people with the terror of mushroom clouds. The President and the Vice President threaten war, with all options on the table, despite the fact there is no evidence that Iran poses a menace.

Oemig dismissed the idea that it is too late for impeachment. “It is never to late to do the right thing,” he stated….

Here is the youtube video showing comments from citizens and Senator Pam Roach‘s response showing a picture of her son, and attempting to connect the impeachment push to elections:

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