John Nirenberg “March In My Name” Receives Call From Nancy Pelosi’s Office

John Nirenberg, of March In My Name, reached Washington D.C. last week and has been waiting to meet with Nancy Pelosi. Visit his website, for his updates. Mr. Nirenberg has walked from Mass to Washington D.C. to hand deliver petition signatures to Nancy Pelosi in hope of putting impeachment “back on the table”.

On Friday, January 18th, Mr. Nirenberg received a call from Ms. Pelosi’s scheduling assistant, however this was to schedule an appointment with one of Ms. Pelosi’s assistants. He stated that he was trying to meet with Ms. Pelosi for 10-15 minutes, so he asked instead if he wait for a moment of her time over the week to 10 days.

IMHO it would be gracious for Ms. Pelosi to spare a few moments of her time for a retired citizen, who has walked for over a month to reach her office in the hope of representing many American citizens’ concern through a petition. Of course the theme of the petition, impeachment, is probably not one of comfort for Ms. Pelosi, as an elected official and Speaker of the House, it does not appear appropriate to delegate a mission of such importance to an assistant. I am sure many folks are watching the outcome of the Pelosi/Nirenberg meeting as a gauge of our democratic representation in this government.

Update: Apparantly Ms. Pelosi was not available after Mr. Nirenberg arrived as she was meeting with Ben Affleck on the day Pelosi’s office called him to schedule an appointment with an assistant:

Ben Affleck made tough-talking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as giggly as a schoolgirl when he stopped by her D.C. office on Wednesday. In town researching a role for his upcoming political thriller “State of Play,” big Ben said her office was the nicest on the Hill and sent the ladies of the House into a tizzy. “As soon as the women in our office heard he was here, many of them hurried over to get their photos taken with him,” Pelosi’s spokesman said.

One Response

  1. “IMHO it would be gracious for Ms. Pelosi to spare a few moments of her time…”

    ‘Specially since she spared a few moments for Ben Affleck the very day John was at her Cannon Bldg. office trying to meet with her.

    Nancy’s Choice: Affleck or Nirenberg:

    Keep Pushin’!

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