Last Day to Register to Vote in California – All Voters, Independents and Green Party

For those that have yet to register to vote OR would like to change their party affiliation, voter registration should be post marked no later than January 22, 2008.  You can download and complete a voter registration form here.  Voter registrations must be sent to your local county recorder’s office.  You can find their address here.

To be sure your voter registration makes it in on time, it is probably best to drop your voter registration cards at the county clerk’s office.  While you can request an absentee ballot for November, the time is too short to obtain one for the upcoming primary on February 5th.

In California, to vote in the Democratic Primary, you can do one of two things:

  • Check Democratic Party  OR
  • Check “I Decline To State A Political Party”

Both of the above will work for the Democratic Primary.  After the primary, you can change your affiliation if you would like.

Greens may wish to review Dennis Kucinich’s positions on environmental issues.  He appears to be the Democratic candidate mostly closely in line with Green Party principles.  Again, if you wish to change your affiliation after the primary, you can do so.  You can check candidate positions on environmental issues here.

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