Call Your California State Senator Monday Morning – Healthcare Bill Vote Monday PM

Time Sensative Action Alert
Please Call Your Senator Today!

Urge a ‘NO’ Vote on ABX1 – The Flawed Healthcare Bill

You have a chance to make a big difference on healthcare in California. The Senate Health Committee will vote Monday on ABX1, the deeply flawed healthcare bill by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez. This is a very bad bill for patients and nurses because it forces people to purchase insurance that has no cost controls and that doesn’t guarantee adequate benefits. It’s a bill that benefits insurance companies over everybody else. The early afternoon vote on Monday will be the opportunity to stop this bill from going to the Senate floor.

What You Can Do

Please call the offices of the following State Senators:

Just give your name, that you are an RN (if you are) and your request that they not vote for ABX1. You can leave a message if the office isn’t open.

Thank you for your time and commitment to improving healthcare for California.

Patients Testify at Senate Hearing Against ABX1
Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2008

Monday’s vote follows a hearing in Sacramento Wednesday at which nurses, patients, labor organizations, and community groups testified against ABX1. Among those testifying were the mother, father, and brother of Nataline Sarkisyan, the 17-year-old who was denied a liver transplant by her insurer Cigna, and CNA representatives who noted that ABX1 does nothing to end the callous denials of care symbolized by the tragic story of Nataline.

“Insurance companies should not decide who will live and who will die,” said Hilda Sarkisyan. “We had insurance. This can happen to anyone.” She also expressed thanks to CNA and the nurses of California for supporting her family.

Offering a challenge to the legislature, Nataline’s father Gregor Sariksyan added, “I want to have Arnold Schwarzenegger’s level of coverage and care.”

“ABX1 would not help people like me,” said Janet Stephens, RN who described her battles with an incurable disease called interstitial cystitis. What started out as decent health insurance coverage has declined to the point where I am grossly underinsured. 

“Each year, my insurance has raised its rates continually, while decreasing benefits and increasing co-pays enduring premium increases at each benchmark age, – 45, 50, 55?.  Now, I pay $589 per month for my coverage. I’ve used my credit cards, home equity line of credit, and sold household items in an attempt to cover my healthcare costs,” Stephens said 

“I still have a $3,800.00 balance at my pharmacy, even though I have made substantial payments every month,” said Stephens.  I’ve been forced to ration pills, split pills, skip doses and beg samples from my Doctors.  ABX1  will do nothing to remedy the staggering healthcare costs of Californians like me.” 

Cheryl Scott, a Sacramento RN, told the story of her husband Bob after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. “My husband had double health insurance coverage from two different insurance companies, one from his retirement plan and the other from my employer.”

“Both insurance companies denied my husband the opportunity of receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy that they had offered and treated his first wife who was diagnosed with the same type of brain tumor just 2 years earlier.”

“My husband died within 6 months after being denied medical treatment from both health care insurances provided by our employers. The common medical treatments denied my husband were standard of practice for our local medical community and throughout northern California.”  

“Nothing in ABX1 stops HMO’s from denying care for those that have employer paid-for insurance like my husband and I had from both of our employers.  ABX1 continues to encourage health plans and HMO’s such as those caring for my late husband the ability to force rationing decisions on families.”

“Under ABX1 the insurance companies will have even more power and patients and families will have less and less,” Scott testified.

Please call your Senator today to add your voice to these and so many other “Real People Denied Real Healthcare.”  Tell them to vote “NO” on ABX1.

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