Dennis Kucinich Withdraws from Presidential Race

Dennis Kucinich claims that the same forces that worked to ban him from the presidential debates are working to “buy” his congressional seat. His seat is being challenged by four candidates in the upcoming primary. To focus his effort on remaining a voice in Congress, Kucinich is ending his presidential bid and focusing on his campaign in his district.

Kucinich calls for campaign supporters to join the movement at

This is a sad day for integrity and positive change in America. The remaining Democratic candidates are questionable. Except for Ron Paul, the Republican candidates appear strong Bush – Cheney supporters; supporting the same actions and thinking that has led this nation into an economic disaster, senseless war, loss of jobs, rising out of reach health insurance costs, and total loss of public faith in government.

But Dennis Kucinich appears to still be on the February ballot, so…….you might want to consider making a statement about media censorship, corporate interests, healthcare, war, WTO and NAFTA agreement, and rights in the United States by voting accordingly!



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