Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial Board Attacks Dennis Kucinich

In response to the Editorial Board of the Cleveland Plain Dealer attack on Dennis Kucinich

The Plain Dealer should be ashamed!

Not only is Dennis Kucinich a strong voice for Cleveland, he has also been so for the nation. There is no other congressmember that can state that. You are lucky to have him in Cleveland.

Given his solitary act of opposition to the Iraq war among hundreds of Congressmembers, Cleveland can rest assured they have a hero among them. Clearly this cannot be said throughout the rest of the United States. The Plain Dealer cites Kucinich’s lack of support of Pelosi indicating their ignorance of the rest of the nation’s lack of support for Pelosi OR are they assuming that Cleveland is too ignorant to note that. Think not.

But beyond that, consider Kucinich’s stand against funding the war, strong opposition to NAFTA and WTO that send our jobs overseas, and tireless work in promoting the single payer not for profit health care – there is clearly NO CORPORATE CANDIDATE our there that will represent the Cleveland citizenry with such selfless effort.

Does Cleveland not benefit from these causes?

Cleveland Readers:
Read between the lines of the Plain Dealer as to what they are doing to your future. While I have never donated to a local candidate in my area before, I have donated to your Representative, Dennis Kucinich, because of his voice, courage, and brilliance in these dark times for America.

We cannot allow a voice of such courage and truth to be silenced because of media and big money. The best way to fight against what is happening with our current administration and as a watch dog for future administrations is to have a strong base in our local communities. This is the only way to fight for the continued “checks and balances” that this nation was intended to follow.

It appears the Plain Dealer wants to stop that.

Cleveland, it’s up to you to lead us. Choose wisely. Support Dennis Kucinich.

Update: In checking out the competition, I went to Joe Cimperman’s website and found this picture on the home page – if that crooked picture is not a metaphor of a “crooked” politician, I don’t know what is:


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