Montel Williams Loses Job after Defending Troops on Fox News

by Brandon Friedman

Wed Jan 30, 2008 at 11:39:14 PM PST

For just over three minutes on Saturday morning, TV talk show host Montel Williams owned the hosts of Fox and Friends. A former Marine and Naval officer, Montel lectured the stunned hosts on the stupidity of spending air time on the death of Heath Ledger, rather than covering the war in Iraq. It was a spectacle rarely seen on live cable television, as Montel exposed and condemned both tabloid “news” shows and much of American culture for what they have each become: shallow and greedy.

Three minutes into this awkward segment on Fox, one host cut off Montel in order to go to a commercial. Montel did not return after the break. Four days later, after 17 years as a television host, Montel lost his job. Variety reported on Wednesday that the

“Fate of “The Montel Williams Show” was sealed when key Fox-owned stations opted not to renew it for the 2008-09 season.”

I have no idea whether Montel already knew his show wasn’t going to be renewed, and thus felt emboldened to cut loose on the air, or whether his firing was a result of his actions on Saturday. Either way, Montel Williams exhibited courage this week that few in the television industry ever will. And for that, American troops around the world stand with him. We support him not only because he stood up for the troops, but because he did it on Fox News—a station that has done more damage to the U.S. military since 9/11 than any other.Montel Williams is an American patriot. Though he left the military years ago, he has never forgotten “his” troops.

For that we salute and thank you, Montel. Best of luck with whatever you choose to do next.

17 Responses

  1. Well if it were genuine concern and not a veiled anti war agenda that motivated his actions, it would all be well and good. There’s more to Montel than you are reporting here…

  2. I am against the war. I appreciate his comments and strongly believe these comments were excellent. As far as investigating Williams, I have not done so, and didn’t feel the need to. The focus on Ledger during a month of such high casualties that the media reports little of – because of course you know the “surge is working”- is quite sad.

    To reduce human loss down to “numbers” to remove the humanity is sad. I have watched the count since Christmas to see we’ve lost over 50 soldiers. During the holidays and up to this time. I’m glad someone had the courage to take the opportunity to remind us of that on national television. Whatever his motivation, the comments were acknowledged and supported.

    The war is based on false pretenses, and to consider a parent loosing a child to Bush/Cheney games is just unthinkable. Would there be a reason to investigate Williams to develop my opinion? I don’t think so.

  3. Really the bigger message in the post was about FOX. Doesn’t it concern you that FOX wants to shut down certain topics?

  4. Simply stating the fact that he was presented here as some sort of idealogue supporting our troops, when in fact it is his anti war agenda that motivated the move…

    The fact that we have lost 50 so far this year should be an argument for re-instating the draft and flooding the region with troops to finish the job…

    But that’s just my right wing view….

  5. I’m confused as to your tweaked logic “presented here as some sort of ideologue (I fixed the spelling) supporting our troops”.

    I posted about his experience after he made a comment I agree with. You are elevating this to something that is quite confusing. The real issue of concern is FOX, a broadcast network that is clearly not “fair and balanced”, as they suggest.

    Everyone has their own opinion. I support what Williams said. I prefer the media focus on what is really happening. We have so many dying over a useless cause, that even Dick Cheney referred to as a quagmire in 1994 –

    I agree with Dick Cheney’s summation of an effort against Iraq. Don’t you?

    I think your idea to reinstate the draft is an excellent one – just watch what happens in this nation after they attempt that one! CheneyBush wouldn’t dare venture there as a public lynching would certainly ignite.

    You are most welcome to your right wing view, however gathering your facts first would be most beneficial.

    The surge is NOT working. Many Iraqis have left Baghdad, the city now has walls dividing neighborhoods, you know, like the one we cheering coming down in Berlin.

    Adding more troops only serves to increase Iraqi anger. We have nations all over the world boycotting US made products because of war crimes. We are only in Iraq for oil. I’m confused, your site shows a post about not sending them money for oil. We really don’t get much oil from Iraq, but we are sure there to set that up for the future. On that point I totally agree with you. We need to eliminate our oil dependence on other countries. We won’t be doing that with a republican president.

  6. No I do not agree that the surge is a failure, I am a firm Cheney supporter (he has kept my bills paid for many years) and YOUR issue is with FOX, I have no issue with their decision…

    Thanks for the spell check

  7. I don’t think paying combatants money each day they don’t attack US forces a marker of the “surge is working”. In fact, the more folks we pay not to attack us, the more we encourage folks to threaten us, just so they too can get paid every day.

    Heck, we could all quit our jobs and go over there to threaten the troops. It’s not currently costing the US a dime as we’re borrowing the money to fund the war from China. Current figures suggest that each American owes each Chinese person $4000. Yep, you’re right, we may need to open up the northern area for oil drilling just so we can give the oil to China as repayment of the money we owe them.

    Perhaps some reading on your part would do you well.

  8. I’ve asked this question before elsewhere and have NEVER gotten an opinion

    Say a Dem wins the WH and sets about removing our troops from all foreign lands and started this “diplomacy” thing that hasn’t worked,,,, ever.

    And we’re still hated, despised and attacked at every soft opportunity.

    What then?

  9. I have traveled around the world since I was 12 years old. My earliest memories of response of other countries is how highly they regarded the US. In the last 15 years, it has turned to hatred, most particularly since George W Bush has entered office. The funniest example was cities in Italy taking to themselves to vote during the 2004 election, voting Bush out of office, and taking their winning elections to the US Embassy.

    The middle east hates us for our meddling in their oil business. We have no right. If we use oil, we are consumers. We have no right in their business. Additionally, how do we bomb their country and bring in our own “private contractors” to make money building it back. Why were we bombing Iraqis anyway? What did they do to us? Over a million have died. Did we truly have over a million Iraqi enemies that were attacking our soil? Not. If we were there for humanitarian reasons, then we sure missed the mark. How then do we explain our blind eye towards Darfur? Bush knew Saddam had no chance of hurting us. He didn’t have weapons, and if he ever did, he didn’t have the capacity to deliver them.

    Imperial Hubris is an interesting book about what bin Ladin is all about. I don’t agree with the author’s solution. However to state bin Ladin and the radicals hate us for our beliefs is really ridiculous.

    Diplomacy has worked. For many years, since the beginning of the cold war, we have had a policy of containment, now we have pre-emptive strike. The result of this is China, Venezuala, and Russia building up big time. The bad thing is the more we borrow from China to pay for two wars, the more they own us. We are ruining our economy, the world hates us for our imperial hubris, we are the worst polluters in the world (other countries have little respect for our large carbon foot print, and now we are on the lists of international terrorist countries. Many are boycotting our products – this last one is great as we produce to so little that we can sell no days as it’s all made in China.

    While we wage war, which we have built our economy on, we are letting other countries develop past us.

    I was in Ireland last summer. It was amazing to see their capability with recycling and respect for the environment. Their economy is known as the Celtic Tiger for it’s strength. This was not so just 20 years ago. That little place is zooming past us.

    I could go on…. But I can say first hand, years ago when I took out a dollar in a foreign nation, folks jumped at it. Now take out a dollar in another country and see folks reaction. They don’t want it. Bush created that for sure and I see that personally.

    Our policy of containment met with much more respect from other nations. Have no doubt about that.

    Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. There is so much evidence of that. Saddam was a sick little man. If we needed to respond to something, why bomb Afghanistan and then leave immediately to allow the radicals to move right back in? If that was the truth of 9/11, we sure mismanaged that. Because of the total negligence of that effort, I am beginning to wonder about the whole 9/11 thing. How could our leaders be so stupid. When we are attacked, should the first persons to leave the country be the family of the attacker? Something is just not right about that.

    There is a lot we don’t know about the 9/11 thing. But one thing for sure is CheneyBushRove sure made idiots out of us in front of the world. We were never so hated before, and the new administration has a lot to clean up. But for now, a good step would be to show the world we won’t stand for this kind of leadership, impeachment is our only answer for right now. Another good step would be to seriously decrease our dependence on oil with some type of renewable energy sources.

    Diplomacy has always worked. We had no help from the other nations of the world because we were wrong and they knew it.

  10. OK my friend but you only repeated how we got to this “horrible” state we are in….

    Do you think the scenario I described above will work? What if they continue even after we do everything every single appeasement minded dem wants to happen… and they kill more Americans..

    what then? and is that chance worth taking?

  11. My answer was it will work. I thought I was making it quite clear with explaining how and why the world hates us. It is much better to have the support of other reasonable nations rather than their wrath for viewing us as the terrorists. But at the same time we have to seriously decrease our dependence on oil. “Soft opportunity” – I think we have that now with the crisis of our economy. CheneyBush and the corporate war machines have put us in this mess, it’s certainly not working and we have to change it. Extremists are not attacking you or I, they are attacking our corporate greed.

    I think it’s a chance worth taking. We have now lost more life in the unnecessary Iraq War than we lost in the 9/11 disaster and have gotten nothing but a quagmire. Quite obviously, this is not working. Dick Cheney knew it wouldn’t work.

  12. Oil dependance will not go away until it’s all gone. I will agree we need top get rid of “”foreign”” oil dependance because we have plenty of our own…

    I almost wish you had the chance to give your method a shot. It would be a great “I told you so” moment for me…

  13. Oil dependence will go away, whether we like it or not, it’s just a matter of time. The question is whether we will plan for it in a reasonable manner or endure the change in crisis.

    So sad to hear your need for a moment of glee with “I told you so”. I think most folks would prefer living in peace.

  14. There have been periods of peace throughout our history, but they were just calms between the storms…
    There will always be war, always,,, that is reality… your dreams of one world, one love, one peace are pipe dreams
    Good luck with it…

  15. Some wars may be inevitable, but to enter into one with a country that did not attack us and stay there, loosing military lives, and gobs of money that increases our national debt is just insane. There should not have been a war in Iraq.

    As far as Afghanistan, Bush’s mishandling of that proves that bin ladin was never really a target.

    You think in extremes and that appears to block logical reasoning.

  16. Never claimed to be logical 🙂

  17. It angers me that in a country where freedom of speech is supposed to be valid…things like this happen. I congratulate Montel for having an opinion and voicing it. Watch the clip back on youtube……..the other 3 people act and talk like robots. It makes me ill to think that people listen to those idiots! Montel was keepin it real …but FOX can’t understand that b/c they censor news b/c the goverment says so! Nothing on the news is what it really is………….America’s people are in a fish tank …and this is the perfect example! God bless our troops! Thank u lord that there are people out there who want to serve and protect…….who truly care about our country! FOX is ridiculous to not take his words to heart…..Watch..tonight they will have Lindsay Lohan coverage while our young men are dying everyday. REALLY U CANT HONOR THEM AT ALL???? Bravo FOX for showing your ignorance…for showing your fear of truth…..for showing that u are so superficial. I respect Heath Ledger and mourned his death……but Montel is right!!! Heath couldn’t have had the brilliant career that he had without living in a the land of the free. ….A land that is kept free by our troops! Shame on FOX the most unpatriotic station EVER! PLZ people dont support those 3 idiots and all the idiots behind them at the network….JUST SAY NO TO FOX!!! The only ? is what network will b smart enough to pick up Montel??? 17yrs!!!!

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