Stop FISA – ACLU Action Alert – Call your senators now

From the ACLU:

By Wednesday night, the debate over government eavesdropping will end in the Senate.

In less than three days, we will know who stood up for civil liberties and who failed freedom. Help put Senator Feinstein on notice before the Senate votes.

Our demands are simple and unwavering. Stay true to your oath to protect the Constitution. Stand up against an overreaching executive branch. And, don’t grant blanket immunity to huge corporations that sold out Americans’ privacy.

Call Senator Senator Feinstein at (202) 224-3841 or any of these phone numbers:
San Francisco: (415) 393-0707
Los Angeles: (310) 914-7300
San Diego: (619) 231-9712
Fresno: (559) 485-7430

and say something like this:

I am calling about the spying bill currently being considered by the Senate. I urge you to fight for a bill that’s constitutional and respects the rule of law. Please vote NO on the current Senate Intelligence Committee spying bill, and keep telecom immunity out of any bill that comes up for a vote.

Please reject any bill that allows for the warrantless surveillance or “bulk collection” of Americans’ phone calls and emails.

Your actions have made a difference in this fight. Together, we have jammed congressional switchboards, flooded the Capitol in a sea of email and buried lawmakers in a mountain of petitions.

After all the twists and turns in this debate, we are finally down to the wire. Every lobbyist, lawyer and organizer at the ACLU is determined to win this fight, whether we have to do it in Congress or in the Courts. But right now it is absolutely essential that the voice of freedom be heard throughout the halls of Congress.

Please call Senator Feinstein right now.

Help us finish the work we started in December 2005, when the warrantless wiretapping program was first exposed by the New York Times. Together, we will bring the government’s surveillance programs in line with the Constitution and the rule of law.

4 Responses

  1. Seriously, are all Dems and left-wing nuts cowards. Or do you all have some dark secrects you are trying to hide. Hello. Anybody home. Terrorists were not trying to kill all of us when the Constitution was written. We need to protect this country, and I know plenty of couragous Americans that fully support FISA and anything the govt wants to do to protect us. But I guess the key word there was couragous. I have nothing to hide so they can listen to my conversations and search my home anytime they want – especially if it will help stop the Islamic terrorists from killing more innocent Americans. Try to understand this, the Islamic terrorists want to kill all Americans or convert us to Islam – and they will not stop until they have succedded or WE STOP THEM!!!! So please, stop being so weak and let our govt protect us as best they can. I have a 5 year old daughter and all I want is for my govt to protect her – THATS ALL!!!!!!!!

    God bless, J

  2. Hi Jason and thanks for stopping by. You seem to quite misinformed as to what FISA has done and what it doesn’t do.

    But let me first respond to your initial statements. If ever you want to debate with another person, usually it is best to use facts that support your statements rather than personal attacks. Using facts at least would show you know something of what you are speaking rather than displaying that you are a person who succumbs easily to political “spin” and fear mongering. As far as dark secrets, I have none, however I do have 2 children that I would love to leave a nation of liberty to.

    As far as terrorism, this country has contributed to it’s fair share of it around the work. When we put our nose in another country’s government by covert coups and the like, well that’s terrorism!

    As far as the Constitution, during those early years, our young nation was attacked quite a bit. We almost lost to Britain if you can remember your early American history, if you did get a chance to study that in school.

    FISA is an old piece of legislation from the 70’s. It authorizes wiretapping through a FISA court, meaning if the government needs to follow someone, which they have done in all but 5 cases, the government would furnish the telecom industry with warrants to do so. It has served our nation in all previous investigations quite well. You can research Richard A. Clarke’s statements online for further information on FISA and what it has done for yourself. Judging by your personal attacks and ignorance on this issue, it is probably best that you do that yourself.

    The recent FISA addition was presented in Congress by Jay Rockefeller, Democrat of West Virginia. Rockefeller added to the FISA legislation a telecom immunity clause. This is because the telelcom industry is currently facing many lawsuits for illegal tapping on Americans. See their warrantless wiretapping makes some of the acts of Watergate legal, corporate spying on newer corps legal, incumbents listening in to opponents legal. Basically without a warrant, they can listen to anyone for any reason and just call it suspicion of terrorism.

    Now as far as terrorist attacks, let’s not use the shot gun method and fear mongering for false arguments. The government was warned about 9/11 before the attacks and did nothing. That has clearly been proven throughout all the media over the past years. Illegal wire tapping had nothing to do with that situation, either discovering it or stopping any more of it. Wiretapping did nothing to bring intelligence that the original legislation couldn’t have done. The government had the intelligence about 9/11 and did nothing. I’m sure you have had a chance to at least turn on C-Span at some point to view these facts.

    For some background, check into heavily telecom funded Jay Rockefeller and you will see he is being flushed with the telecom industry money. You must be intelligent enough to understand that different industries do this for “favors”.

    Yes this nation needs protection, but when you consider that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, that Al Qaeda was never there until we brought them the opportunity, that we destroyed Afghanistan and then left without aiding in rebuilding and allowing Al Qaeda and the Talliban to walk right in there again, an intelligent person would have to begin asking questions.

    If the wiretapping were truly used to find terrorists, then they can get a warrant from the court and do their job. I’m not sure exactly why there would be a reason to just let the phone companies tap lines without some regulation.

    If we continue to strip away at our Constitution at the hands of an out of balance government, then we are truly not a Republic any longer. And if all you do is listen to the TV news, you are grossly misinformed.

  3. Nicely said jurnei! I wonder why it is that Jason and his misinformed ilk somehow equate standing up for our civil liberties as “cowardice”, when they are willing to throw their own away in an instant because THEY are scared of terrorism. And who is the coward? Don’t they realize how many people have fougnt and died to preserve those rights for them? How sad…
    Time to turn off FOX news Jason.

  4. Stupid is not pretty and in our current environment it’s dangerous. Thanks for stopping by.

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