Support Dennis Kucinich in his Re-Election Campaign

Dennis Kucinich has fought hard to preserve our rights. He has been a strong courageous voice in the House. He needs support to continue his campaign in pushing back against the same corporate interests that sought to exclude him from the presidential race. Please consider dropping by his website to donate what you can to ensure his voice remains in Congress.

What happens in Ohio’s 10th district affects us all.  Please contribute generously.

Donate here

3 Responses

  1. I am not equiped with audio. Will you please tell me how I can find your interesting pieces in print form. Thank you. Marina Hiatt

  2. I apologize as this blog is as “print form” as I can get. Perhaps you can go to Congressman Kucinich’s site and see what may be available there.

  3. BTW, speakers can be had for less than $20, you’d be well served by picking up a set as there are many videos of political speeches and information on the internet.

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