Hillary Clinton recipient of most donations from the Defense Industry

This is from opensecrets.org, and it doesn’t appear to say anything good about Hillary Clinton’s intentions, in the case that she may owe favors.   It appears Ms. Clinton receives the most money in donations from the defense sector. Here is the data below:

Clinton, Hillary

graph $199,926

Dodd, Chris

graph $172,500

McCain, John

graph $158,321

Paul, Ron

graph $143,829

Romney, Mitt

graph $100,859

Obama, Barack

graph $99,085

Giuliani, Rudy

graph $87,200

Thompson, Fred

graph $48,854

Richardson, Bill

graph $41,625

Edwards, John

graph $28,015

Hunter, Duncan

graph $26,150

Huckabee, Mike

graph $23,376

Tancredo, Tom

graph $13,391

Biden, Joe

graph $7,150

Gilmore, Jim

graph $4,850

Brownback, Sam

graph $4,100

Kucinich, Dennis

graph $3,732

Gravel, Mike

graph $250

Thompson, Tommy

graph $250

Given John McCain’s stance on the war in Iraq and the length of time he intends to keep us there, one would have to question why Clinton donations rank higher than McCain’s. I don’t want to join the Hillary “haters”, and yes there sexist views running rampant in the US.  I personally resent any hateful commentary about Clinton that refers to her appearance, her voice, and the list of other feminine characteristics that folks can use for commentary.  I find it childish and irrelevant to our current focus.  Just who will lead our nation the best?  It sure has nothing to do with the way they look, dress, their voice, etc.  I am concerned about the Iraq issue and the fact that the US spends more on defense than all the other nations of the world combined.  It is for this reason that I am concerned about the lobbyist and defense donations.  I am also concerned about Obama.  I don’t like his lack of attention to universal single payer health care, and apparent comfort with nuclear energy rather than investigating other sources of energy that won’t result in tons of nuclear waste that must be disposed in the environment.

In truth, since Dennis Kucinich dropped out of the race, with the exception of Mike Gravel, who records his campaign commercials from the arm chair in his home (due to lack of campaign money), there is little left to choose from.  Perhaps a reasonable alternative will present his/herself as an independent in the upcoming weeks.  But then will the corporate world do to them what they did to Dennis Kucinich?  Probably so.  On the other hand, since Kucinich’s name is still on the ballot, we can vote for Kucinich in protest of corporate meddling and the democrats weakness in addressing censorship, the excesses of the Cheney-Bush administration that go unchecked,  etc.  Sadly, I believe this country will have to get a lot uglier before most folks take a stand and refuse to accept this reality.

3 Responses

  1. Hillary has a good plan for sodiers in Iraq.
    Folks go to Iraq and see what Sodiers are going through.
    I would like to see you sign up to go fight in Iraq. Do not show us that you are tough , tough here critising Hillary in your chair watching football.
    Go and help the soldier in Iraq. May be when you come back without your nose, you will start thinking.

  2. I humbly suggest people who are supporting other candidates (other than Ron Paul) check out this video:

    It is from the Florida GOP Debate in October 2007 & the only debate Ron Paul has been given equal time in a debate (for whatever reasons)

    Just check it out & form your own opinions. I have a feeling people who are supporting Hillary or Obama would be pleasantly surprised by

    how intelligent & honest Ron Paul is & realize how Hillary & Obama are really giving vapid answers (telling you what you want to hear) instead of intelligence.

    Just take a look, it will only take about 10 minutes of your time. We are all in this together.

  3. I’m not sure what the comment about football means. This blog is for bringing the troop home and peace, not for defense build up and more war.

    I’m guessing the reader, in fact, did not read.

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