Telecom Immunity Passes In The Senate – Where Was Hillary Clinton During The FISA Update Vote?

Not there. She did not vote to protect Americans’ privacy.

The importance of this vote, which had been hotly debated in the Senate for months, and Senator Clinton’s lack of attendance on this day speaks volumes about her concern for American liberties and freedom. The update to FISA gives the telecom industry immunity for their warrantless surveillance program. Clinton’s lack of action on this bill is in clear contrast to her spoken views on the Bush administration. On this vote, Clinton bowed out. Her bowing out supported the Bush administration’s agenda. Just what party is she working with? Her past and current voting history may seem more in-line with what we want change from.

Barack Obama did show up and he did vote to stop the FISA changes that would provide immunity to the telecom industry, clearly scoring major points for American liberties.

From Politico:

An attempt to strip lawsuit immunity for telecom firms that helped the government tap phone calls fell well short in the Senate Tuesday, leaving liberal Democrats on the losing side of what they believe is a fundamental civil liberties debate.

Only 31 senators — all Democrats — voted to take away retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies facing lawsuits over wiretaps carried out under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Sixty-seven senators — a mix of Republicans and Democrats — voted against the amendment.

With the immunity provision intact, the Senate voted late Tuesday afternoon to pass the bill, 68-29, setting up a tough negotiation with the House, which opposed telecom lawsuit immunity. The Senate vote amounts to a major victory for the White House, which had threatened to veto the bill if it did not protect telecom companies that aided spy agencies with wiretapping.

The vote also provided an opportunity to showcase the key differences on national security between presidential candidates, as Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) voted against immunity for telecoms, and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), voted to keep immunity in the bill. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) did not show up for the vote. All three candidates were in the Washington area Tuesday morning for the region’s three primaries.

Every Democrat should be seriously concerned about Senator Clinton and her intentions.

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  1. Particularly strange since AFTER that non-vote, she sent out mailers once again complaining about Obama’s “present” votes in Illinois. Guess it’s ok to vote “absent.”

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