Meet Mary Pallant – Democrat For Congress CA 24th District

Progressive Democrats of America will host an event to meet with Mary Pallant, Congressional candidate for CA-24.

Here is the information:

SHARI AND RICHARD FOOS, CINDY ASNER, MARGIE MURRAY, BRAD PARKER, and MARCY WINOGRAD Invite you to meet and support an exceptional candidate and friend:

U.S. Congressional Candidate, CA-24

Also featuring LILA GARRETT,
Host of KPFK’s Connect the Dots

Thursday, February 21st 6:30pm-8:30pm
at the home of Richard & Shari Foos
311 N. Rockingham Ave. Los Angeles
Mary Pallant embodies the progressive ideals that we need in all of our congressional leaders and hopefuls. She stands for and does not apologize for progressive liberal issues that strengthen democracy, ensure the sharing of power. and help individuals overcome obstacles so that everyone has the opportunity to pursue happiness. She has worked tirelessly over the last several years and will continue that same focused effort once in Congress. Mary is creating a platform based on Four Pillars for a Newer and Fairer Deal:

* Out of Iraq – End the occupation and bring all troops home (supporting combat and mercenary personnel). Turn the rebuilding efforts over to the Iraqis while engaging the surrounding countries for Middle East stability.

* Universal Single Payer Health Care — Every man, woman, and child should have full, comprehensive coverage.

* Energy Independence and Environmental Protections — We must work to create Green Collar jobs and work to end our dependence on oil, while capping and reducing CO2’s.

* Economic Strength and Self-Sufficiency with Prosperity for All Americans! Withdraw from NAFTA/CAFTA and WTO, then bring jobs back to America.


* $100 friend * $250 sponsor * $500 patron * $1,000 hero *
RSVP to Cristin: or (310)-607-8360
For campaign information or to contribute online click here.

Mary says, “I am proud to call myself a Progressive Democrat without being an apologist for a tradition consistent with the life, the works and the convictions of John F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, and Senator Paul Wellstone.”



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  1. I was sorry to need to log your status at the Voters’ Guide to Single-Payer supporters.

    I hope that people associated with your campaign will follow the schedule at to help achieve peace of mind in the U.S. regarding health care.

    Bob Haiducek Bob the Health and Health Care Advocate

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