Audra Strickland Speaks Out About Health Care Insurance

Got a curious broadcast letter from Audra Strickland’s office. Finally getting around to going through the other mail and opened it.  Many Ventura county voters got these “Health Care” letters from Strickland.

After reading it many times,  it seemed to have no point other than to say Health Savings Accounts were all the rage, giving one “control” of their health care policies, a tax free account would motivate those without health insurance to purchase it, and would aid in driving down costs to the public at large – – – – and we can’t have it because the DEMOCRATS are blocking it!

Seriously, Strickland states “Unfortunately for Californians, the Democrat majority is blocking those bills” (Health Savings Accounts).

Hurray for the Democrats!

Health savings accounts pay for insurance policies.  Health insurance policies are unbelievably expensive .  When a family is not part of a group at work, these costs can eat up to $1000 per month.

Of course that is fine for a wealthy family, however a working to middle class family certainly can’t afford that. Well, unless that’s all they saved for, their health care and not their retirement. That is not to mention that the premium only pays for the honor of the policy. In addition to the monthly premiums, there are deductibles and copayments if you even think about using the insurance. Remember, insurance companies aren’t in the business of paying money. This can’t be called true health care, this is more like hemorrhaging.

Moreover, families with a sick family member may find it nearly impossible to obtain any coverage at all.

There must be some reason that most of the developed nations of the world are providing health care for their citizens. It might be viewed as the right thing to do.

But really aside from the Strickland letter blaming the Democrats for lack of a plan,  there is little mention of better options.  Such as state Senator Kuehl’s SB 840.  One would wonder why our local elected official does not mention all of the alternatives.  Certainly there are alternatives that can help all families, and certainly Democrats aren’t stopping folks from moving forward with at least Senator Kuehl’s plan.

In another letter, this time from Senator Kuehl, it appears that SB 840, the bill that would provide Californians with Universal Single Payer Health Care, is alive and well and gaining support with grass roots groups.  Currently it is in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

On Sunday, January 27th and Monday, January 28th, the American Medical Students’ Association held their hugely successful third annual rally and lobby day in Sacramento, which included a day long training that drew nearly 400 med students from all over the state. The fact that so many overworked medical students spent an entire weekend, even taking a rare day off from school, to advocate for single payer health care shows an unparalleled level of dedication and passion. AMSA students give every single payer supporter hope and inspiration as they push for passage of the bill.

Single payer advocates are also busy preparing for a historical strategy summit taking place in Los Angles later this month that will bring together representatives from the broad coalition of organizations dedicated to bringing single payer to California. The summit demonstrates the unprecedented development of the organized and operational single payer movement necessary to bring universal health care to California. It’s the kind of grassroots movement that has been largely absent in the history of health reform, and it’s just one example of the changing landscape of health care politics.

Please see more about this important proposal to end the health care crisis for all Californians here.

4 Responses

  1. jurnei,
    What? Am I in a time warp? When did you write this? I have had an HSA policy for a couple of years now. The democrats aren’t blocking it. And Health Savings Accounts do not pay for “insurance policies”. And a family of four, two adults ages 27 & 27, and three kids can get a policy for as little as $123 a month. That’s for the whole family. Making a move to an HSA health insurance policy has saved me a ton of money.

  2. Hi Matt and thanks for stopping by. If you have been watching what is happening in the state of California you will be aware that there are various proposals that have been discussed to address the health care crisis. One has been to have everyone pay for their own policies through a health savings plan. Employers will contribute a small amount, while families will be able to put in pre-tax dollars. The money would be used to purchase their own health care policies. The thought is that this would relieve employers from providing health care, and that folks having these “savings accounts” would be able to purchase plans that would cover their family.

    You are correct in your statement that Health Saving Accounts, the way they are today, do not pay for insurance policies. The proposal is to have HSA’s pay for the policies in the future. Again the thought is that this would help business in that they wouldn’t be paying health care benefits for their employees. In the end the burden would be on families to provide their own health care. I’m sure you are mistaken when you say that $123 can provide full coverage health insurance benefits for an entire family.

    The letter from our assemblymember was dated January of 2008. This post was written today.

    You may be in a time warp if you haven’t been following what is happening with health care in the state of California.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Please check out California Senator Sheila Kuehl’s plan at her website.

  3. You mentioned HSA’s pay for insurance policies in your article. An HAS (Health Savings Accounts) is a savings account that a person who already owns a qualified High Deductible Health Plan can open at their local bank. You cannot use your HSA dollars to pay for your insurance policy as you mentioned in your article. You can use your HSA dollars to pay for medical expenses like doctor visits, prescriptions, and any other qualified medical expense that you would otherwise pay out of you checking account to meet your deductible.
    Also, a family like the one I mentioned above can purchase an HSA qualified plan for $123 a month. That’s an HSA plan like the one we’re talking about. That is a full on medical plan that covers everything after the deductible is met hence the HSA qualification. A full medical plan that covers everything with no co-pays, deductibles or out of pocket expenses would cost the consumer a fortune. If you want proof, just go to Google and type in “Health Insurance Ventura” and you will find a site that will give you the prices of HSA plans.

  4. Hi Matt:

    You are correct. The current Health Savings Account was not intended for “purchasing plans”. However there are elected officials proposing to change that to become the way to insure all Californians. I think you are missing what I’m saying. But you are correct, to pay for the whole thing for a family would cost a fortune, certainly it would take prime focus over any retirement savings, and not the best idea to include health care coverage for low to middle income families.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

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