Shirley Golub Challanges Nancy Pelosi’s Seat in Congress

Golub states she’s “on the table” calling for impeachment and will remain there until meaningful impeachment hearings are initiated for George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Donate to support Shirley Golub’s effort to obtain Nancy Pelosi’s seat in Congress.

3 Responses

  1. GO, MS GOLUB,
    I SUPPORT YOU 100%


  2. I like her firm voice. I agree with you. I like this woman and I wish her the best in getting that seat. Pelosi needs to go, or at least get impeached.

  3. Nancy Pelosi has let us down bigtime! It’s high time for her to GO! It’s time for someone who understands that our Constitution must be kept intact. This time, we’ve gotta get Ms. Golub in! I’ve known Shirley for more than 15 years- she has all the right ideas about true democracy and tremendous tenacity to truly hang in there until the job gets done. She is in the position of having no family to tie up her time or subvert her work ethic and passion to see restorative justice accomplished. I can’t wait to see her in the House!

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