Battleboro Vermont Voters Must Turn Over Ballot To Vote For Indictment of Bush

From the Rutland Herald:

Brattleboro has a chance to set an example for the rest of the country Tuesday, when voters go to the town meeting polls to decide whether they favor indicting President Bush for violating his oath of office, organizers of the Brattleboro Initiative said Sunday.

But with voter turnout expected to be high Tuesday for Vermont’s presidential primary, with an abundance of new, young voters supporting the candidacy of Democrat Barack Obama, organizers are optimistic the maverick article will gain widespread support.

But there’s one snafu. The article calling for Bush’s indictment is on the back of the paper ballot, and many people who have already cast absentee votes have reported that the issue wasn’t on the ballot after all.

Organizer Kurt Daims, the author of the indictment article, said his wife came home with her absentee ballot and couldn’t find the article. It was on the back side of the ballot, with all the elective offices on the front of the ballot. read more

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