New Hampshire Impeachment Update – Cheney and Bush

Concord, NH —- March 8, 2008

New Hampshire citizens made their first big push to get impeachment back on the table when close to a hundred overflowed a statehouse hearing room to testify in favor of Representative Hall’s House Resolution, -HR24- calling for the impeachment of the President and Vice President to commence in the US Congress. This resolution cites paragraph 603 in the parliamentary rules of Jefferson’s Manual, which Congress still adheres to today. Jefferson recognized that there would be times when the executive and legislative branches could become corrupt and unreliable to protect the Constitution. So he made special provision for the branch of State government that is most directly related to the people – the State House of Representatives – to be able to draft impeachment resolutions and send them to the U.S. Congress as a privileged motion, going directly to the floor of the Congress for debate and action.
The New Hampshire House of Representative’s “full” House Vote is scheduled tentatively in this week’s New Hampshire House Session. The exact date and time is yet to be determined (TBD), but it’s likely the vote, the vote recorded in history, will be after Wednesday, March 12th.Here is the latest from our Honorable Betty Hall:

Uncertainty about when the bill will actually be taken up, still prevails. It is entirely possible that it will not come up on the 12th, even though it is on the calendar for that date . . . the balance of the bills from last week are put over to March 12.

If the leadership were supportive of our resolution, we might at least get their best guess of how the schedule will play out. But I suspect I won’t know until it is too late to let our friends and supporters around the country know. These are the realities we have to contend with. The situation in the NH House is very similar to the situation in the US House. The odds are steep when we step up to the plate, but we have to play the game according to the breaks.
Let’s hope.

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