Rep Betty Hall’s HR24 to be voted on Wednesday, March 19

From Concord, NH – We know Rep. Hall has the courage, she is known for her integrity and today, Wednesday March 19, New Hampshire House Resolution 24 will come up for the a vote in the Full House Session.

Today on the 5th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq, while some around the country are discussing “sunshine patriots”, Representative Hall and her colleagues will debate attributes of Jefferson’s Manual, FISA, US Attorney firings and how “our right to vote protects all other rights” regarding  impeachment of President Bush and Dick Cheney.

We learned at an impeachment teaching forum last night, in Manchester that they cannot ignore an impeachment subpoena or it becomes another impeachable offense. Ignoring the subpoena is what caused Nixon to decide to resign in 1 1/2 days.

Many people we have contacted including House Representatives tell us they are looking forward to the debate. US Representatives Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter have been invited and could attend.

In addition, our world renown NH Secretary of State, Bill Gardner plans to be in attendance, listen to the arguments and the expected passage of HR24. It is Bill Gardner who is designated (in the last paragraph of HR24) to carry the papers directing impeachment hearings to begin in the US Congress, to Washington, DC.

To hear and see the You Tube audio and created video:
Go to You Tube: Enter hallmfg03033
Rep. Betty Hall is looking for all the support, she can muster to bring the word of the People to Concord, NH. Please attend and support Rep Hall if you can attend. She will have created a new chapter in our history books – to bring Impeachment proceedings from a State House to the US House. This remedy was designed for the State Representatives to do the job that failed at the Federal level, for whatever reason. Now, it is up to the States – specifically at this time – the State of New Hampshire led by Betty Hall to tell Washington, “Let the hearings begin.”.

Today, it may fall into place just as Thomas Jefferson imagined.

3 Responses

  1. Great idea! Let’s all support Rep. Hall and then we can be just like Vermont. She has to have something more important to do as a NH State Rep. Here is a list of issues I’d like to see addressed:
    1. An improved East-West highway
    2. Solve the school funding crisis in the state
    3. Explore an equitable broad based tax
    4. Expand rail service beyond the seacoast corridor.
    Just a few.

    You are a state representative. A thankless but nevertheless needed job. No need to engage in partisan grandstanding like the two “one trick ponies” we just elected to House of Reoresentatives. So listen carefully, “Bush lied, kids died” let’s move on. Focus on your state.

  2. Oo those are rough words there Mr. Kach! I do believe Rep. Hall is representing her state and doing so quite admirably. The channel Rep Hall is using was put in place many years ago to correct the abuses of a Federal government gone wrong. Rep Hall’s courage and tenacity are a model of a true American Patriot. The importance of your highway, education, tax, and rail service will pale in comparison to where the Bush-Cheney administration is leading us. One must look past the nose on their face.

  3. Jim, you’re a poor excuse of an American if you think that Iraq and our dying children are products of petty partisan tricks. Representatives owe it to their districts to take care of their constituents, but they also owe it to the American people at large to look after their interests.

    American civil liberties and individual rights have never been threatened to a higher degree and you troll websites for what purpose? Oh yes, promoting self-serving propaganda in hopes of distracting people from the mess that you and your ilk has helped to create.

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