Shirley Golub for The San Francisco Chronicle

Shirley Golub is challenging Nancy Pelosi’s Congressional seat this year due to frustration with Pelosi’s lack of action. The race is taking place in the San Francisco area.From Shirley Golub for the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Exactly what we had feared most, and had predicted, has happened.
Admiral Fallon, the man who famously said that an attack on Iran
would “not happen on my watch” was just “retired”. Now, he is no
longer on the watch. And they are absolutely planning to start a war
with Iran and World War 3, against all strategic wisdom. And they are
absolutely planning on doing it before the next general election.
Indeed, they will mostly likely do it for the PURPOSE of tilting that
election, unless they are stopped first by impeachment.

We have one and only one hope.

Congress must immediately commence impeachment proceedings against
both Dick Cheney and George Bush, the shadow emperor and his
ventriloquist dummy.

And only one dynamic can force Congress to stand up for itself, the
impeachment based primary challenges now ongoing, and in particular
Shirley Golub’s challenge to the speaker of the house herself, the
primary impediment to enforcing the Constitution, who has perversely
declared that impeachment will never happen on HER watch, Nancy

There is an ominous parallel between what is going on now and what
happened in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq. General Zinni
opposed that invasion. He said, “I had grave reservations about this
whole undertaking and I expressed those”. And he was forced out.

General Shinseki predicted that it would take at least a couple
hundred thousand troops to stabilize a post invasion Iraq. His
assessment was ridiculed as “wildly off the mark” by Donald Rumsfeld
and Paul Wolfowitz. And he was undercut even before his already
scheduled retirement.

Every time a top military commander who actually knows what they are
doing gets the ax, something very bad happens. And now they are doing
the same thing again, purging the last dissenting voice to an even
more lunatic plan.

Now, Admiral Fallon is the epitome of a good soldier. And he will
always protect his commander in chief, no matter how misguided or
wildly off the mark they are. He will tell you that nobody forced him
out and that this was his decision alone. But anybody capable of
reading between the lines of his painstakingly diplomatic resignation
statement will know that he will be gone because he was standing in
the way of another premeditated strategic disaster, one that again
they are perhaps too blinded by power to foresee, or maybe they do.

But the chain of command at the White House does not extend to the
U.S. Congress, at least it’s not supposed to, not according to our
Constitution. So when exactly is Congress going to stand up for
itself, and for us, and put an end to the hideous debacle in the
Middle East and in the White House?

After nearly a year of chattering their knees, the House finally
worked up the nerve to vote to hold Harriet Miers and Josh Bolton in
contempt for refusing, under direct orders from the White House, to
testify in response to congressional subpoenas. If Congress had any
spine at all, even one vertebrae, they would have invoked the power
of inherent contempt and had the two of them arrested on the spot.

Instead, after nearly a year of irresolute vacillation, they
pretended to expect contempt citations would be enforced by the new
attorney general, who the Senate was so ill-advised to confirm in the
first place, who had plainly suggested in his own confirmation that
the president’s constitutional powers could override federal law. Fat
chance of getting any redress there.

And now they tell us they are going to file a law suit. Oh, please,
what a sad pathetic joke of a publicity stunt. In the first place,
there is zero chance that such a law suit would even be finally
decided in less than three to five years. It absolutely would go to
the Supreme Court. And what would be the chances there? Take a look
at some of the appointments the Democrats in the Senate have so
gullibly waved through in the last couple years and you can answer
that question yourself.

And in the second place, to even contemplate taking on such a
struggle by way of the courts, they better have the top notch
constitutional litigation experts at the helm. Instead they just
filed something knocked off by a couple of staffers. Our intelligence
can hardly stand any more such insults.

Let us be clear. The president and vice president of the United
States have at least committed treason. The Scooter Libby trial
revealed that the White House was directly involved in leaking the
identity of Valerie Plame, an undisputed undercover CIA agent, which
destroyed perhaps the most effective operation they had to deal with
the proliferation of the very weapons of mass destruction we were
supposed to be so afraid of in the Middle East. And it was done for
political retribution purposes.

The first president Bush said it all, when he said “I have nothing
but contempt and anger for those who expose the names of our sources.
They are, in my view, the most insidious of traitors”. And what does
the Democratic majority in Congress do about it?


There is hardly a federal law passed anymore that does not suffer
crippling by a so-called “signing statement” to negate it, signing
statements concocted by Cheney staffers, brazenly defying the
authority of Congress to do anything, referring to that authority as
“purported” compared to the presumed imperial largess of the White
House. And what does the Democratic majority in Congress do about it?


We have traded a rubber stamp Congress for a rubber spine Congress.
What’s the difference? Now finally empowered to hold hearings on the
endless constitutional crimes of the Cheney/Bush White House, the
lies that took us to war in the first place, the rampant illegal
wiretaps, the firing of U.S. Attorneys for partisan reasons, an
official policy of torture and all the rest, and what does Congress


Instead they fritter away their hearing time harassing baseball
players, threatening them with long years in prison for not telling
the immaculate truth about using performance enhancers. Well, maybe
Congress needs a performance enhancer, and big dose of it.

A year ago we were promised a “new direction”, and we have been
waiting for even a glimpse of it ever since. It is now too late even
for inherent contempt. Congress must impeach. And if you support me
as your representative in the 8th Congressional district, we can put
impeachment back on the table no later that June 3, the day of the
Democratic primary here, by showing Nancy Pelosi herself a new
direction . . . out the door.”

Visit Shirley Golub’s site to donate to her campaign

One Response

  1. Every time I see Pelosi on TV, she seems VERY “Uptight”…as though she had been living on caffeine and no sleep for a year. Almost a bit spastic.

    If there ever were a reason for impeachment, now is it. I wonder if we have ever been closer to the nation’s demise?

    Of course, I live in Maine, where Susan Collins and her bizarre and probably insane gaggle of evil followers have their lips Crazy Glued to the Bushie Tushie.

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