California’s 24th District has huge potential for change this election year

In this election year, California’s 24th district has big potential. For years we have been under the thumb of a George Bush rubber stamping Congressional Representative, Elton Gallegly, that has not served our interests.

While numerous public agencies and leaders have uncovered the ongoing lies of the Bush Administration, which has led us into an illegal war, destroyed our economy, and seriously damaged our reputation in the global environment, Mr. Gallegly continues to support George Bush’s agenda. In addition, it is quite disturbing that Gallegly voted for impeachment hearings for Bill Clinton, while he remains silent over the ongoing abuses of George Bush and Dick Cheney.  His party loyalty appears to result in his turning a blind eye to the status of this country and our best interests.

In conversations with any local Republicans that are even willing to claim connection to their party at this time, folks point to favors from Gallegly as their reason to support him. But isn’t it the issue of “favors” the nut of the issue that has gotten us where we are today? Let’s consider for a moment the unchallenged contracts given to Blackwater, Halliburton, etc. Are these the type of “favors” we wish to continue to support while this nation maintains a steady decline in every aspect of previous standing?

It appears we are at a cross road at this time. We have the opportunity to choose a new road and a new future and have it not based on “favors” or blind following. It is time to remove the blind faith Bush supporters. Mary Pallant appears to be a strong candidate to make that kind of change.

Pallant’s campaign focuses on important issues such as the Iraq war, economy, energy and environment, and health care. Issues important to all of us that want the best future for our children and our standing in the world community.

Russ Feingold’s Progressive Patriot Fund is asking for candidate recommendations for their patriot fund. Consider submitting Pallant’s name to show your support.

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