Greenspan: Economy worst since WWII – Gallegly still thinks tax cuts are great

Interesting. Bush appeared at the Economic Club of New York just recently to say the US economy was just fine. Bush continually appears out of touch with reality. Even the experts around him can’t cover for his madness and dishonesty any longer.

How long are the Republicans going to protect their “man” as he runs the country down the drain with the party? Is this what Elton Gallegly wants us to continue with?

It appears to be quite a joke at this point to hear a Republican candidate or incumbent point an accusatory finger at a Democrat while warning of financial doom as another fear tactic to get a vote. Clearly a minimally intelligent individual would see we now have the biggest government ever and we are bleeding more money than ever before.

Now I don’t know about you, but certainly any extra money around here, including a rebate check, will go to paying any debt. While the government is so certain that folks will rush out to shop with their checks, I think a more realistic vision of reality is that folks are in trouble, and they need and want to pay things off. Does it make sense to anyone that folks facing this economic crisis would do anything else?

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