Mary Pallant Endorsed by PDA of Santa Monica for the 24th Congressional District Seat

Here is Mary Pallant’s responses to their candidate questionnaire:

House of Representatives, CD 24 California; election year 2008

Previous Political offices held or progressive credentials/experience:

-Elected delegate 41st AD 2005-07 and 2007-09
Chair 41st AD Democratic Alliance
Lead Organizer for PDA VC
Trustee for the Community Foundation of Oak Park
Chair, Ventura County Commission for Women
Host and Organizer for the Ventura County Speaker Series

What is your mission and why are you running for office?
Specify how your support the mission of PDSMM (Our mission is to support progressive democratic values, policies and policy makers who will work to support peace and justice at home and abroad and promote diversity and equity for all.)

-The impetus for change we saw in 2006 is much stronger now and the citizens of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties have an opportunity to make history and change the direction
of the community and the country. Unseating Gallegly may be a daunting task, but I cannot sit idly by and I gladly accept the challenge to fight for my community and our
Country! To remain silent is to condone the acts of Bush and Elton. I believe we must all stand up for what is right so that we can say, without hesitancy, we did our part.
And, I am proud to be a progressive liberal who is not an apologist for my values, beliefs and principles. When democrats run as progressives, democrats win. It is our values that are fundamentally American, Democratic values. To have the support and endorsement of PDSMM will reflect that when we stand together, we stand together stronger.

Tell us your position and efforts to date on the following issues:

1. End the US military occupation and privatization of Iraq?
My top priority is to end the occupation and to never support the unilateral invasion of a sovereign country that did not invade or attack us. I have attended or organized several anti-war rallies, out of Iraq rallies, and stop the funding rallies. I have been outspoken in the community against the invasion from the inception. I will join the out of Iraq Caucus once elected as they are taking a more demanding approach to the war than the other representatives.

2. Support global peaceful conflict resolution. Oppose all wars?
I am in full support of a Department of Peace. We have to have a paradigm shift away from war profiteering to Peace and away from the Military Industrial Complex and toward a Peace Industrial Complex. Peace can be profitable as well. I support diplomacy, dialogue and engagement. If we ever have to go to war, it will be as a last resort and only against a nation who attacked us, not against sovereign nations, not unilaterally, not without the full consent of Congress and the UN.

3. Create a universal, single-payer health care system that provides medical Insurance for every US resident. Do you support SB840?
I was one of the first to send a letter to Sheila Kuehl’s office in support of SB 840. Also, my second pillar for my campaign is to have Universal Single Payer Health Care for every man, woman and child. Health care should be a right, not a privilege. We have the money to fund it; we just have to make the decision to do it. And, with a stronger majority of Democrats we have a stronger chance of passing universal coverage.

4. Work to ensure abortions are legal and safe and rare. Protect every person’s right to make decisions without interference from the state?
My position has always been that the government has no right to tell you whether our not you can reproduce. I am in full support of Roe vs. Wade and the right to privacy. I am also against passing any legislation that limits these rights or requires teens to gain parental permission.

5. Support media reform that ensures a diversity of viewpoints and calls for the Reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine?
The Media, our 4th Estate, has been just as responsible for the dismantling of our democracy over the past several years as this administration. They have not done their job media was to inform, educate the populace, and give us the facts. They were to question and add balance to all issues. It is imperative to a democracy to have an informed citizenry and hence I am in favor of media reform, restoring regulation and a return of the Fairness Doctrine.

6. Protect every American’s right to vote through passage of the Voter Rights Act of 2005, The Holt Bill and other legislation consistent with this goal?
I am in favor of Election Protection, a verified paper trail. Everyone, across the US, should vote via paper ballot with guidelines sanctioned throughout all states
and counties. And, then, hand-count our votes and ballots with civil servants, not computer software.

7. Support Clean Money public financing of elections and Instant run-off voting?
I worked tirelessly in support of Prop 89, the California Clean money proposition. I am in full support of all campaigns, state, federal and local being financed with
public funds. I also support instant run-off voting as a measure that would have avoided the fiasco we saw in 2000 and would save money as it would reduce the necessity of
special, additional elections.

8. Preserve Social Security?
Social Security is a safety net to keep our elderly out of poverty, to provide disability benefits and living benefits to children. We should never tamper with this program. Al Gore was absolutely right in his notion of treating it as a lock box. I am in favor of lifting the cap to ensure funding beyond 2040. I would never support any legislation to privatize or partially privatize.

9. Support public education that closes the achievement gap, promotes critical and affords students opportunities for ongoing civic and community engagement?
I am an advocate of public education. Education is the foundation of a strong and thriving democracy and imperative to keeping our democracy strong and thriving.
I would not support vouchers or mass funding of charter schools. I support midnighting NCLB as it is leaving too many children behind.

10. Protect our environment through legislation, education and the development of renewable resources?
The debate is over on global warming. We must join with the Apollo Alliance, create green collar jobs, reduce and cap co2’s. We must also engage China and India as well or our efforts will not matter. I am a member of the Sierra Club and the Environmental Caucus in the CDP as I believe education about these issues to be imperative to reversing our polluting trends and I believe we must all become
stewards of the Earth.

11. Support Fair Trade and other labor initiatives that protect workers’ rights and Guarantee workers a living wage?
I support the right to organize and the Freedom of Association. When we have a say in our society, and a say in the work force, this strengthens our democracy, is
good for American and is good for the middle class. I am in favor of ending our current trade agreements, NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, as these are neither fair nor free and I will fight to return jobs to the US. I also resolve to support new job
industries, such as green collar jobs, and will always vote in favor of livable wages.

12. What is your position on the Death Penalty?
I oppose the Death Penalty. It has never been a deterrent to crime. I am in support of life in prison. And, I do not support the privatization of our prison system. They need to all be managed by the state and not for profit.

This blog fully supports Mary Pallant’s candidacy for the 24th Congressional District. We have been under the thumb of Elton Gallegly for too many years at our own expense. It is truly time for a new direction. Mary has the experience and the ability to beat Gallegly. With Democrat voter registration up in the 24th district, this could be our year to retire Gallegly. He has already shown he wants to retire, lets grant his wish this year. Go Mary!

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