Who are the SuperDelegates and WHAT ARE THEY DOING?

Watching the disintegration of the Democratic Party in the news is gut wrenching. In this writers opinion, Clinton looks to be working for the Republican party. Aren’t we going after them for years of abuse and deceit? Also in this writer’s opinion, we have had way too many years of Republican party deceit and sell out of America.

Clinton appears to want to destroy anything in her path. This makes it hard to pair her with the support that she touts she will provide to middle and working class Americans.

In checking Ralph Nader’s site, he is looking pretty good if this is to be our alternative. He has done quite a bit for Americans and wholly deserves our consideration – Nader’s service to our nation

But back to the purpose of this post, who are the Super Delegates and really, what are they doing for us? You may want to ask their thinking and their purpose. Here is a list of the super delegates of California. Drop them a note and ask them…..and do share.

For Clinton Rep. Joe Baca
DNC Rachel Binah
Sen. Barbara Boxer
Rep. Dennis Cardoza
DNC Maria Echaveste
Sen. Dianne Feinstein
Rep. Jane Harman
DNC Kamil Hasan
DNC Alice Huffman
DNC Aleita Huguenin
Ldr. Charles Manatt
Rep. Doris Matsui
Rep. Grace Napolitano
DNC Mona Pasquil
Rep. Laura Richardson
Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard
DNC Mirian Saez
Rep. Loretta Sanchez
DNC Garry Shay
Rep. Brad Sherman
Rep. Hilda Solis
DNC Christopher Stampolis
Rep. Ellen Tauscher
Rep. Mike Thompson
DNC Alicia Wang
Rep. Maxine Waters
Rep. Diane Watson
Rep. Lynn Woolsey
DNC Rosalind Wyman
For Obama DNC Steven Alari
Rep. Xavier Becerra
DNC Jeremy Bernard
DNC Mary Ellen Early
Rep. Anna Eshoo
DNC Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker
DNC Eric Garcetti
Rep. Barbara Lee
Rep. Zoe Lofgren
Rep. George Miller
Rep. Linda Sanchez
Rep. Adam Schiff
DNC Norma J. Torres
Undecided Rep. Howard Berman
Rep. Lois Capps
Rep. Jim Costa
Rep. Susan Davis
DNC Edward Espinoza
Rep. Sam Farr
Rep. Bob Filner
DNC Inola Henry
Rep. Mike Honda
Rep. Jerry McNerney
DNC Carole Midgen
DNC Bob Mulholland
DNC Christine Pelosi
Rep. Nancy Pelosi
DNC John A. Perez
DNC Robert Rankin
Rep. Pete Stark
DNC Crystal Strait
DNC Art Torres
DNC Keith Umemoto
DNC Vernon Watkins
Rep. Henry Waxman
DNC Steve Ybarra

To check out the Super Delegates nationwide, visit Politico

Get involved. This is a big year. We can’t afford to not pay close attention to the officials that should be serving us. We have had too many years of one nightmare after another, it’s time to get very serious.

Read carefully….vote wisely.

2 Responses

  1. I am a supporter of Hillary Clinton who I believed has the experience to run the country and I am an asian american. As Newsmax.com in their email to me the subject is racial divide and I believe so because mostly black support Obama. I think if Hilary will not be nominated, her supporter will jump ship and vote for John McCain who also have the experience and its easy to make change, I believe in.

  2. Hi Antonio:

    If you follow the polls and news closely, you would know that it is NOT mostly Black that are following Obama. Rather it is Hillary Clinton that is using racial slurs which are inappropriate during this campaign.

    As far as Clinton supporters voting for McCain, that certainly is their choice. However if you’ve read my blog, not to mention the vast array of news and articles throughout the United States. you would know that those that would be interesting in voting for McCain are those interested in ongoing war, possible draft, little knowledge of economic issues, and a president with serious anger issues, not to mention a very poor attitude towards women. Because of this, I would seriously doubt Clinton supporters desiring this in our next president. Additionally, Hillary Clinton’s experience does not extend beyond that of Obama. Obama spent years as a civil rights attorney and work supporting the working middle class. Clinton supporters generally come from the upper class wealthy. Look at the spread of donations to campaigns for additional information.

    Your upcoming vote might be best served by more research on the candidates.

    Best of luck to you in your research.

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