Dear Congressman Gallegly

Dear Congressman Gallegly: 4/1/08

It is no surprise to you, by now, sir, that I oppose the war in Iraq, and I oppose your vote for legislation supporting it. I have been vocal with calls to your office, and I have taken it upon myself to demonstrate outside your office and performing civil disobedience inside your office, when, five years ago to this day, I stood against the war in Iraq. I am one of your constituents who knew from the very beginning, thiswar was wrong, as it is wrong now. And like any wrong war, it has now gone from a mistake to a fiasco that has killed hundreds of innocent thousands, displaced millions, killed 4,000 Americans and wounded 30,000 others, dividing and breaking a nation.

On April Fool’s Day, five years ago, I was not fooled then by your vote for the war, and this April Fools Day, I am still not fooled now by an invasion turned occupation, and your inexcusable, continued support for it. The occupation has left soldier’s families broken and our economy in shatters. Meanwhile, though the cost of the war be so great, for the last five years, you have refused to meet with constituents of yours who have opposed the war.

Further, this irresponsibility is a dereliction of duties unmatched by any other Congressman anywhere, in any district across our country.Instead of meeting with various community groups, such as Nurses for Social Responsibility,, VC Stop the War, Veterans for Peace, etc, you have chosen to fly thousands of miles away to a foreign land and meet with a dictators in Pakistan named Musharrif to make arms deals so he can kill thousands more of his people. This act must be far easier to do than meet with the American people, your constituents, in your own district who find your policies repulsive and morally, spiritually, and financially bankrupt.

Those policies I speak of are your full-fledged support of the policies of the president, that include and are not limited to: 1) Violating the Constitution of the United States for giving approval for a preemptive, aggressive war; 2) Continued funding for the war and supporting every bill to do so; 3) Placing our soldiers in harms way through a war of aggression for oil, which has included stop-loss and surges of more troops, while not requiring, in that funding, protection for our soldiers, such as: proper equipment, medical care, and benefits upon their return; 4) Giving your approval to torture, by standing by Bush on water-boarding, sleep-deprivation, and acts of debasement and humiliation, outlawed by the Geneva Convention, and by our own laws of engagement; 5) Your support of The Patriot Act and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, while making statements calling for protections for telecommunication companies that have violated Fisa laws, as they illegally wire-tapped Americans; 6) Lending your support to the deregulation of the banking industry, which has lead to millions of home foreclosures; 7) Voting on the side of weapons contractors to expand nuclear proliferation, including the use of depleted uranium, while supporting legislation for the privatization of the military and mercenary contractors, such as Blackwater; 8) Going against the majority in your district who favored impeachment hearings, and yet, you have refused to help co-sponsor HR 333 and other bills calling for impeachment; 9) Your support of bills cutting social programs in education, social security, unemployment, housing, environmental protec-tion, medicare, and universal health care, etc., in order to help pay for the war/occupa-tion; and 10) It is you sir, who are complicit in the deaths of 4,000 Americans, 30,000 wounded, and the 1 million dead, 4 million displaced Iraqis for an infamous preemptive war originally given the title of, Operation Iraqi Liberty (OIL).

Currently we are now in the throes of another surge, which will be ineffective. It will be ineffective, as every “surge” for the insurgents growing in Iraq, because the people of Iraq do not want a foreign occupier living in their country. And you, sir, are asking our troops to be in the middle of a hostile environment, where we are not wanted, while we meddle in a country’s disputes and civil war. Sadam is gone. We must now leave the country of Irqq to the Iraqis. If this war was ever about liberty or freedom, this is what true freedom would be: letting a country decide its own government.

In his part in the writing of the constitution, Thomas Paine’s played a key role in determining that our nation would not continue on the path of King George and those like him who violated the sovereignty of other countries, invading them, destroying them, occupying their lands while king’s armies stole their resources as spoils for the king. Our forefathers said a strong and defiant NO to a system of barbarism and slavery and subjects of kings. And it was Thomas Paine who stood up and proclaimed, “Any war of offense is an act of murder.” Our forefathers felt that way because they understood the British system under King George. They knew it was wrong and refused it. So tell me sir, why have you violated our forefathers, violated our constitution, and returned us to such a barbarous system? You have done so by every piece of legislation you have supported while “serving” in Congress, i.e., serving lobbyists, corporatists, and kings.

When George Washington accepted the desires of the American people, he said, “I will serve you as your president.” But why haven’t you followed his example, and served the American people? Instead, you have acted like a Tory, a British subject, and served kings and lobbyists for war and oil. You have not served your constituents or the American people. Instead, you have chosen a complete dereliction of duties to a constitution that you have sworn to uphold. This is not only a war crime, but a criminal offense to every constituent as well, and to the American people as a whole. It’s also a blasphemy to the American way of life and our Bill of Rights.

Therefore, I am sending you this letter to initiate the process of “A Redress of Grievances.” Under the constitution of the United States, I and other parties feeling as I do about your term in office, and failure of responsibilities also are entitled to a redress of grievances by you in person, under the law. This letter is for the purpose of initiating redress in your presence. I, we, expect you to respond in person to this grievance within forty-five (45) days, the same number of days foreclosure victims have to leave their dwellings, and for you to do so preferably at a Town Hall Meeting per your scheduling within the forty-five day period.

Sincerely, Grant Marcus/

Nurses for Social Responsibility


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